Monday, April 20, 2020

How a Trump media dump mainstreamed Chinese lab coronavirus conspiracy theory Max Blumenthal and Ajit Singh

A conspiracy theory about Covid-19 escaping from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the Trump administration’s Iraqi WMD. And the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin is playing the role of Judith Miller.
Here we go again.
Toward the end of his article, Rogin admitted, “We don’t know whether the novel coronavirus originated in the Wuhan lab.” Up until that point, however, he offered every possible insinuation that the virus had indeed emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. His article appeared to be an intelligence plant that depended heavily on documents dumped by US officials eager to turn up the heat on China.
That's what the New York Times and the Washington Post are for. (Judith Miller, a key promotor of the Iraq WMD hoax, was an employee of the Times. Miller left the Times for Fox News in 2008.)

And in case you haven't noticed, the blame is now being placed on the "Chinese Communist Party" instead of "China." The Next Cold War is hotting up.

The Grayzone
How a Trump media dump mainstreamed Chinese lab coronavirus conspiracy theory
Max Blumenthal and Ajit Singh

See also
Dr. Yuan Zhiming, the veteran director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the P4 biolab that’s at the centre of the back and forth accusations between China and the US regarding the origins of the novel coronavirus, has debunked Western media claims suggesting that the virus may have escaped from his laboratory.
“As people who carry out virus studies, we clearly know what kind of virus research is going on in the institute and how the institute manages viruses and samples. As we said early on, there’s no way this virus came out from us. We have a strict regulatory regime, we have a code of conduct for research, so we are confident of that,” Yuan insisted, speaking to China’s CGTN on Saturday.
Saying the rumours about his institute’s possible involvement were not unexpected, given its location in Wuhan, the epicentre of the pandemic, Yuan said it’s unfortunate that some institutions have attempted to turn these rumours into a weapon to deliberately misinform people....
Sputnik International
Chief of Wuhan’s P4 Lab D.ebunks US Claims About Coronavirus’s ‘Artificial’ Origins


Calgacus said...

I prefer Chinese conspiracy theories - from Chinese friends. Much funnier.

Of course it came from a lab. But how?

Two theories - like everyone else in Communist China, the researchers were out to make a buck. So after they were done with experimenting on their lab animals with all the viruses they had - well, they just sold them to the markets.
The second theory is more direct and Chinese. After doing all the viral experiments, they did what all researchers do with extra lab animals. They ate them.

Matt Franko said...

“ Of course it came from a lab. ”

How do you know that?

Is the genome recombinant compared to the original bat virus does any body know? (if so then man made)

Or is it degraded from original bat virus? (Probably natural mutation)

Peter Pan said...

SARcasm Matt.

Matt Franko said...

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Calgacus said...

Humor. The hint was "Much funnier." Got this from my wife. On the second one, her friend said - they were seized by - phrase that my wife translates as "gourmandaise".