Monday, April 20, 2020

The Canary - Reports suggest many have had coronavirus with no symptoms

New research suggests that far more people have had the coronavirus without any symptoms, fuelling hope that it will turn out to be much less lethal than originally feared.

Based on known cases, health officials have said the virus usually causes mild or moderate flu-like illness.


lastgreek said...

These "just-the-flu" articles should be called what they really are -- "just-let-the-old-geezer-die-dammit" articles.

Yesterday, I learned that my cousin's father-in-law just tested positive for the coronavirus. No one is allowed to see him, not even his two sons. His prognosis is very grim. He is the second person I know of personally who has contacted this virus. The first one died last week; he was in his 80s.

Btw, never in my whole life have I ever known of anyone to die from the flu. Sure it happens, but compared to this virus it is relatively rare. Just the flu? "Yeah, right."

Kaivey said...

The same as me. I had the as a child, quite often, and would get really sick. Then at age about 38 I got the flu, I think. I just stayed at home and suffered it having boo idea it could be a killer. Then, weirdly, I got it again the following year, so I had flu jabs every year after that for a few years.

Kaivey said...

Some auto correct mistakes in there.

Anyway, loads of people on twitter, including the Off-Guardian and Vanessa Beeseley, think it's all some conspiracy for governments to gain control. Richard Werner thinks that Covid-19 is nothing.

The Off-Guardian complained in a tweet yesterday that the Lockdown was harming the economy when covid-19 was harmless to 80% of the population. I tweeted asking them which percentage were they in?

lastgreek said...

"Some auto correct mistakes in there."

Same here: "contracted the virus," not "contacted..." :(

Peter Pan said...

"Boomer remover" suits me just fine. What Planck said.

Greg said...

I agree mostly greek but I’ll just say, regarding knowing someone who died of flu..... a lot of pneumonia deaths, most common cause of death in 70+ , are flu deaths.

But I’m really getting tired of comparing seasonal flu deaths to this disease. Seasonal flu deaths are distributed pretty equally amongst the states with hot spots that don’t overwhelm bed space. This pathogen is obviously capable, mostly cuz it’s novel I think, of getting very much out of control. It’s like comparing gun deaths involving 1000 single victim shootings to one guy taking out 1000 people from a hotel room.
Yes they are both 1000 gun deaths buts that’s as far as the likeness goes

Peter Pan said...

If this virus were as contagious as smallpox, it would have been 'out of control' and taken out a sizable percentage of the elderly. But it isn't that sort of nightmare. Msybe next time.