Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Michael Moore, filmmakers respond to criticism of new bombshell environmental film

I've been in debate with the climate change deniers for weeks on twitter, and they love to say how green energy is wrecking the environment, which in some cases it is.

The Green movement are pretty angry at Michael Moore and his director, Andy Gibbs, about their film, Planet of the Humans, because it shows how renewable energy has also been harmful to the environment. The Green movement say the film uses out of date data as renewable energy is so much better now, for instance, China is building space station solar farms.

Anyway, in this video Michael Moore defends his film, which I tend to agree with him about. We need to slow down, but will human nature ever allow it, as we evolved to always want more, and in fact, this is one is the reasons for our success as a species.

The Buddha, though, said desire was suffering, and it often can be as wanting what you can't afford can be a real pain.

The Planet of the Humans 


Calgacus said...

Sounds like "collapse porn". Rich people getting off on making fun of other rich people - but blindly firing at everyone with expired ammunition, good or bad, letting Gaia sort them out. Sure there are corrupted, phony, greenwashing "environmentalists". But the Wrong Kind of Green or Planet of Humans crowds is just as bad or worse. Spending most of their time fighting the sane and not corrupt environmentalists and spinning fantasies about renewable energy being less safe than fossil fuels, spouting economically, scientifically, technologically and environmentally illiterate fables belittling the reality and potential of clean, green energy to the point of dishonesty. I suspect agents provocateurs, especially in WKOG.

Their only solution is facile and trapped in mainstream economics - "lower consumption" - as if "consumption" were not a technical economic term not something directly related to the environment. Ignoring that the thing to be lowered is environmentally dangerous consumption. Ignoring the reality that what blind, unplanned "lowering consumption" means is a lot of poor people dead and a lot of rich people maybe consuming less, but still far too much.

Timmon Wallis- Skepticism Is Healthy, but Planet of the Humans Is Toxic

Tom Athanasiou- Why “Planet of the Humans” is crap

Are a couple of critiques of the many flaws of this film, which looks like it will do more harm than good.

Matt Franko said...

“ Moore believes that Mother Jones fired him because of the publisher's refusal to allow him to cover a story on the GM plant closings in his hometown of Flint, Michigan. ”

Moore is a car guy.... union made, etc... not climate nutter....

Peter Pan said...

It appears that the environmental movement is an example of a circular firing squad.

S400 said...

People in environmental movements have grown up in and are part of neoliberal era. Competition in caring the most of the environment while loosing focus on goals in order to boost ego.

Calgacus said...

Well said, S400, Peter Pan.

Calgacus said...

A few more negative reviews of this film of negative value, that promotes using fossil fuels. Because fossil fuels use less fossil fuel than wind/solar/renewables. Yeah, right. (See Ketan Joshi below) People actually believe such Big Lies for well known reasons. Big Lies work. For a while, but often a while that is quite expensive in blood and treasure.

Brian Tokar- “Humans” are not the problem: Reflections on a “useless” documentary
Ted Glick- Michael Moore’s Gift to the Fossil Fuel Industry
Planet of the humans: A reheated mess of lazy, old myths
David Schwartzman- Film Review: ‘Planet of Humans’ Misplaces the Blame on Population Growth