Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Potholer54 - Coronavirus: Science vs. politics

The Duran is very conservative blog/ YouTube site. I watched a video of theirs today where they were complaining, saying that scientists had been elevated to level of gods and rock stars, and were getting too much air time. It seemed they didn't like scientists, who they felt were constantly messing up our lives. I suppose we should listen to people like James Corbett and the guys at the Duran about science matters then, and not the experts in their fields?


Matt Franko said...

Kevin who are these guys? Get their CVs I guarantee they have Art Degrees....

Lock it.

Peter Pan said...

Science vs. politics vs. numbers - the numbers win.

So-called experts who float ridiculous estimates to scare the public should be sacked. They are bringing disrepute to their fields.