Monday, April 12, 2021 — S China's Hainan becomes magnet for global capital

The explosive growth in foreign capital at Hainan FTP features three aspects: foreign capital utilization, the sharp increase in foreign investors and sources of foreign capital.

Foreign capital utilization in Hainan has doubled for three consecutive years, with the total amount exceeding more than half the figure since the Hainan Special Economic Zone was established 30 years ago. The number of newly-set foreign-invested enterprises in 2020 has grown to 1,005, threefold that of 2019. Sources of foreign capital also doubled, with 80 countries and regions investing in Hainan.

Preferential policies are behind the global investment boom in Hainan.The province has the shortest negative list for foreign investment, 27 items, compared to 33 at national level and 30 at free trade zone level....
S China's Hainan becomes magnet for global capital

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