Monday, April 12, 2021

Some Issues Of Numbers — Andrei Martyanov

It is good that [Col.] Douglas Macgregor goes on record in this case and underscores the fact that Russia can and will, God forbids it comes to this, win conventionally, while the United States loses even in a nuclear conflict. But then again, in this case we all lose. Conveying this reality that the US has no good options against Russia is very important, especially to those people in current admin who have no clue about modern war and how it is fought--and that is the overwhelming majority of the US elites. I don't want to end up being prophetic about the events which I am desperately trying to prevent. Having opinion of such a heavyweight as [Col.] Douglas Macgregor being very similar to mine helps enormously....
Reminiscence of the Future
Some Issues Of Numbers
Andrei Martyanov, former USSR naval officer and military analyst now living and working in the US

Here is the article by Col. Douglas Macgregor at The American Conservative.

Facing The Facts Of War With Russia


CNN busted.

Moon of Alabama
CNN - Ukrainian Trains With Heavy Weapons Going East Are 'Russian Aggression'

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Peter Pan said...

Just enough 'commitment' to make the fools in Kiev believe the US has their back. That is how it should go down if there is any sanity in Washington.
There is a play to be made with the MSM pushing a narrative of Russian 'aggression'. Sway enough public opinion to damage relations between Russia and Europe.