Sunday, October 17, 2021

COVID vaccines cut the risk of transmitting Delta — but not for long

 People who receive two COVID-19 jabs and later contract the Delta variant are less likely to infect their close contacts than are unvaccinated people with Delta.

Vaccine mandates are unlikely to slow the spread of Delta by all that much, but researchers are looking into whether a third booster shot may be more effective at doing so.

The study shows that people who become infected with the Delta variant are less likely to pass the virus to their close contacts if they have already had a COVID-19 vaccine than if they haven’t1. But that protective effect is relatively small, and dwindles alarmingly at three months after the receipt of the second shot.


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Konrad said...

Media outlets told you that everything would go “back to normal” if every last person on earth submitted to the vax with endless booster shots for life.

You believe this insulting fantasy because it comforts you in these anxious times.

Many countries have totally ended lock-downs, and have ended all Covid vaxxing (e.g. Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and others.) Scandinavian Airlines doesn’t even require passengers to be masked anymore.

If this was truly about a virus, then these nations could not say, “We’re not doing this anymore.”

Despite these facts, you cling to your vax obsession. Not because of logic or reason, but because of hate.