Monday, October 11, 2021

"Nick Hudson of PANDA doesn't want you to get vaccinated so he can make money | MyBroadband Forum"

My enemies on twitter nowadays seem to be the alt left, (well, I don't meet the alt-right very often), which includes Caitlin Jonestone, Jonathan Cook, and a few other leading left wingers who I've had fights with on twitter recently over their Covid conspiracies. 

And Richard Werner is completely off his rocker - a chemtrails guy. There isn't a conspiracy theory he doesn't believe. 

Taylor Hudak, Julian Assange's lawyer and a covid conspiracist, tweeted about Nick Hudson the other day. Who is Nick Hudson, I asked, and I proceded to tell her?

One of the most outspoken local Covid-19 vaccine sceptics has a direct business interest in a locally produced alternative medicine.

Nick Hudson is the chairperson of Pandemic - Data Analytics, better known as PANDA. Although Hudson denies that PANDA is anti-vaccination, many articles the group has published make incorrect claims about Covid vaccines and dissuade people from getting vaccinated, contradicting public health advice.

Instead the group advocates for unproven treatments for Covid, like ivermectin, and disproven treatments, like hydroxychloroquine. Recently PANDA has begun calling for research into “nutraceuticals” — a popular type of medicine in the alternative health industry — for treating Covid. outspoken-south-african-anti-vaxxer-has-commercial-interest-alternative-medicine

Hudson is a director of a nutraceutical manufacturing company called Brenn-O-Kem.

  "Nick Hudson of PANDA doesn't want you to get vaccinated so he can make money | MyBroadband Forum"

Nick Hudson and PANDA are wrong about everything. 

Nick Hudson and PANDA are wrong. Believing them is deadly

Vaccines are working in South Africa. Here’s the proof


Peter Pan said...

Dude, step away from the Twitter.

Matt Franko said...

You can’t be a good commie and pro vax at the same time…

lastgreek said...

...but you can be a neo-nazi and anti-vax (idiots) at the same time