Monday, September 5, 2022

‘Fiscal responsibility’ or the economy for us? — Peter May

On this subject I’ve read rumours – and no more than that – that the Truss regime would like to separate the Treasury from Economic Affairs – as, similarly for a short time, in Harold Wilson’s administration…

That would. I think, be rather a good idea.

We’d have an economic plan.

And then it would be up to the Treasury to deliver it.

An economic plan rather than a money plan.

Because money is of course, created by government at will, in order to get things done....
It appears that governments may be backing themselves into the (MMT) view that it is the government that creates its currency through the central bank and doesn't have to obtain it from anywhere because there is nowhere else the currency originates. Governments spend first and then tax, not vice versa as the story goes.

If this is just a rumor and it doesn't pan out, it's curtains.

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Peter Pan said...

It's just temporary.

Then it will be curtains.