Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Will Truss Rehabilitate Keynes — Anatole Kaletsky

Mentions MMT.

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Will Truss Rehabilitate Keynes
Anatole Kaletsky | co-chairman and chief economist of Gavekal Dragonomics, an investment research and asset management group based in Hong Kong and Beijing, a well-known economic commentator, a member of the governing board of the Open Society,  chair of the Institute for New Economic Thinking from its foundation in 2010 until 2015, and presently a member of INET’s governing board.


Peter Pan said...

Jonathan Kadmon Joins to Discuss Flaws in Mainstream Inflation Logic - Real Progress in Action

Real Progressives' very own Jonathan Kadmon joins to discuss his piece The Emperor's New Commodities.

Read the full piece here:

Konrad said...

No, Truss will not rehabilitate Keynes. Truss will not be able to do anything except talk tough against Russia, and throw energy subsidies at non-white people in the UK. This will increase demand for dwindling energy supplies, making the situation worse than ever.

Truss will therefore fabricate a new pandemic hoax with the most total lockdown yet, imposed via martial law. She will have no choice, since the U.K. is an island nation with a gigantic and growing trade deficit. The UK has been destroyed by wokery, “green energy” fantasies, the pandemic hoax, and the boycott of cheap Russian energy. All unnecessary. All the products of stupidity.

Of all nations in Europe, the U.K. will suffer the most this winter. Worse than Germany amnd all the rest. The Bank of England is already forecasting a severe downturn that will last through all of 2023, and far beyond.

The U.K. is done.

mike norman said...

Truss is not pro-lockdown. At least I don't think. Nor is she going to resurrect Keynes. She's more a Thatcherite.

Unknown said...

Thatcher was a shill. She plugged there's only a fixed pot of money!