Wednesday, September 7, 2022

UK green lighting fracking


Euthanize all the Art Degree climate nutters and a lot of the current problems immediately go away….


Ahmed Fares said...

Factcheck: why fracking in UK will not reduce your energy bills

Even if shale supporters are right about how much gas there is, the industry’s lobby group has publicly admitted, in effect, that it would take years for UK fracking to start producing at scale.

For the sake of argument, let’s look at the industry’s best-case scenario for shale gas development in the UK and ignore the likelihood of protest or planning-related delays.

According to that best-case scenario, fracking would not produce enough gas to meet even 1% of UK demand for more than three years. After an immediate start, we would still have to wait until the late 2020s for more than 5% of UK demand to be met by domestically produced shale gas.

Meanwhile, winter is coming.

mike norman said...

Humans are killing the fucking planet. Killing. I hate people.

Peter Pan said...

How many BTUs can you get by incinerating an average-sized politician?

Waste not, want not.

Peter Pan said...

Or, for the umpteenth time, sanctions against Russia could be dropped.

Just saying...