Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Madness of Clowns — NeilW

After listening to their wormtongue advisors back in March, the West imposed financial sanctions on Russia. They promised that the “Rouble would turn to rubble”. However for anybody with an ounce of understanding of how floating rate sovereign currencies work, it was always going to have the opposite effect. I said this back in February….
Nails it, as usual.

New Wayland
The Madness of Clowns


Matt Franko said...

I think they would do better to ban Russians from traveling to the west…

sths said...

Neil you once said that "Putin is a conservative statist. All we can hope is that the ‘sound finance’ nonsense is solidly in his mind"

I think the clip shows that you're absolutely right and he does believe in the sound finance thing.