Friday, November 2, 2012

Bill Mitchell — Eurozone policy makers destroying prosperity

In the last week, several major data releases have been published by Eurostat, culminating in yesterday’s release of the September unemployment which shows that the jobless rate has risen to its highest in the currency union’s history. There are now 18.49 million people in the Eurozone without work and that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to assess the wasted production and lives that the fiscal austerity is creating. Just in the last month, a further 146,000 became unemployed. More than 25 per cent of available workers are unemployed in Greece and Spain. We have moved from describing this tragedy as a recession. This is now a full blown Depression of the scale of the 1930s travesty and, once again, its depth is a direct result of policy failure. All the indicators are coming together and providing an unambiguous verdict – that the Eurozone policy makers destroying prosperity and have relinquished any sense of capacity to govern, where that term means the capacity to advance public purpose and improve welfare.
Bill Mitchell – billy blog
Eurozone policy makers destroying prosperity
Bill Mitchell

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