Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brian Romanchuk — MMT And Net Financial Assets

Here we go again on net financial assets held by nongovernment in aggregate (currency issuer liability-currency user asset) and the role the concept plays in the MMT model based on government finance, nongovernment finance, and national accounting.

Brian cites Steve Roth's post and comments on the issues raised in terms of MMT.

Ramanan is up with a post on Steve's post here, too.

Bond Economics
MMT And Net Financial Assets
Brian Romanchuk

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Ignacio said...

I read a comment from brian in his blog: "Noah Smith's modus operandi on Twitter is to troll people."

Why pay attention to this clown then? Why misrepresent the ideas of the opposition with fallacious arguments and ignoring any explanation of the ideas you are trying to attack?

Is this standard sickening behaviour by economists trying to advance their own ideological/political agenda that makes anybody with half a brain ignoring most of them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misguided people who will take seriously trash like this for granted.

So we are... Stupid clowns.