Friday, August 21, 2015

New Cold War — Grim toll of rising Ukrainian shelling in Donbas, eastern Ukraine

The following is a compilation of eleven news reports that provide some overview of the scale of the recent escalation of shelling and other military activity by the Ukrainian armed forces and the extremist paramilitary forces allied with it in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.
Below those news reports is the daily report for August 16, 2015 of the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). This typical, daily report is especially lengthy.
The New Cold website does not provide daily reports of the military situation in Donbas. Given the scale of Ukrainian violations of the Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement of Feb. 15, 2015, this would be a task beyond our means. We do report on the overall political and military situation. Readers who wish to read or research the situation day by day are recommended to go to the news sources cited below, among others.
As for relying on Western media sources, there are none which report in any detail on the ongoing situation in eastern Ukraine. A reader of Western media would be hard-pressed to know or learn that a ceasefire agreement is supposed to be in place, still less what are the terms and conditions of that agreement and who is living, and not living, up to them.
The New Cold War
Grim toll of rising Ukrainian shelling in Donbas, eastern Ukraine


mike norman said...

Where's Putin while his people are getting slaughtered? And the West portrays him as this big, tough, thug. Ha!

mike norman said...

And where is he as the U.S. and Turkey bomb Syria, a Russian ally? Big tough thug?