Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump just said something really, really, stupid

Trum, cut the fat

I've been really liking Trump, but now he comes out and says something really stupid. (In my view.)

He says he would fight to not raise the debt ceiling. Fight to NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.

Not raising the debt ceiling is the same as fixing the quantity of money (dollars). We might as well go back on the gold standard.

Trump says he would do this by "cutting lots of fat" in the budget. He says there's lots of fat.

He's wrong. About 60% of the $4 trillion the gov't spends annually comes from five items: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense and interest on the debt.

He said he not going to cut Social Security. He said that everyone will get health care. He said that he is going to really "beef up" our military. So where does he see all this "fat?" Education? Highways? Fire all gov't employees?

Trump needs to realize that there is no fat. Whatever he cuts will only kill the middle class even more and he says he's all about helping middle class.


Random said...

Trump is mildly better than the other GOP morons and Clinton. But he still is looking out for himself. And he will either have to liquidate real estate or get campaign contributions from others.

Matt Franko said...

Not good Mike!

If the seated candidates try to play "keep up with the Donald" it could end up influencing the decisions of these sitting Senators on whether to really raise it or not...

We need it to be raised when Lew finally runs out of 'extraordinary measures' in as soon as a month or two from now..


Ignacio said...

"I've been really liking Trump"

Because you haven't been paying attention.

Tom Hickey said...

He thinks that the US government is a business so an experienced business person is all It will take to fix it. Carly, too.

But Trump is actually better positioned for politics than most business types like Carly. Trump understands that, "Let's make a deal."is foundational. He figures is can out deal anyone on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Trump just exposed himself for the celebrity joke he really is. Americans are mesmerized by bravado and celebrity. It comes from watching too much commercial TV. Madison Avenue has poisoned the American mind.

Ryan Harris said...

All politicians absolutely must have some rhetoric to appeal to voters frustration on the issue of government failure, millions of people will vote on that issue because they are being injured by indifferent government bureaucrats.
Even Bernie Sanders says that the deficit is important in the long term and knows that he has to play to the audience at some level. Everyone hates government because government employees tend to be rigid, inflexible and condescending while the systems are designed to make the bureaucracy efficient at the expense of citizens time. The Citizen waits in line for the government clerk, the application to be reviewed, whatever process. Where as in the private sector, they make employees available to serve the customer when customers want them. It's not that people don't appreciate what government does, it is just the arcane mind bending processes they go through to do simple tasks to meet all the requirements they are required to is incredibly inefficient, though eventually does deliver.

Look at the V.A. and how they treat soldiers! Appalling, worse than the private sector money grubbing healthcare system. Citizens should be upset, and politicians need to respond. The issues are many and complicated so there has to be a short-hand rhetorical device.

Roger Erickson said...

Trump said something stupid? So what else is new?

The Just Gatekeeper said...

We can all root for Trump to be the wrecking ball of the disgusting GOP, but for God's sake I hope nobody is actually taking this seriously! He was and is just as much of a deficit hawk as all the rest of them. And his anti-immigration platform is reaching neo-fascist levels.

Matt Franko said...

Well if I were Trump I wouldn't run on an MMT platform.

"We need bigger deficits! " = Loser platform. ... and its not even correct. .

Peter Pan said...

"Deficits don't matter!"

Go on Trump, say it. Just say it! Keep saying it!!