Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Peter Radford — Libertarian Economics

Must, must read. Peter Radford absolutely nails it.

It's really about economic liberalism in general rather than what goes by the name Libertarian today.

Economic liberalism in whatever form is utopian, anachronistic, and anti-democratic. It is ideological rather than scientific, based on selective assumptions rather than on discovery of "natural laws," as represented.

This is easier to see in the case of Austrian economics and Libertarianism, but it is concealed beneath only a thin veneer in Classical and Neoclassical economics. Keynes saw through it, as Marx, Veblen and other had previously.

The Radford Free Press
Libertarian Economics
Peter Radford


John said...

Leaving aside the hardcore libertarians like Ron Paul, who are at least consistent and have some integrity, the ever growing crop of people now claiming to be libertarians and Austrian devotees were curiously tightlipped during the bubble years.

Having seen their neoliberal paradigm crash and burn, they've simply latched on to another wacky economic paradigm that will keep them living the high life. This new-found libertarianism is nothing more than charlatanism and shake-down artistry to keep the racket going, via privatizing social security and other programs that serve the public not the moneyed interests.

A said...

Ron Paul is a right-wing, authoritarian, plutocrat-loving, big-business supporting, gold standard obsessed, racist neo-confederate.

Why do people insist on referring to people like him as 'libertarians'?