Saturday, August 22, 2015

ekathimerini — Tsipras hits back after SYRIZA rebels form own group

Leftists fighting among themselves — as usual.

"Betraying the revolution."

Tsipras hits back after SYRIZA rebels form own group

End austerity or bust ("orderly" Grexit)

Lafazanis declares new party's goals to cancel bailout, write down debt

Neoliberal objective secured. 

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Darrell Delamaide


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Random said...
Promote to post please.

Calgacus said...

Random -didn't and still don't see your prior comment on this. Odd, when I commented at the previous post, there were no other comments before mine, for hours, now there are.

Anyways, I see this as very good news, - I had been hoping for it - not leftists fighting among themselves, which of course they frequently do over the silliest of things.

This expresses my attitude to a real division like this one, over a real principle:
"A party first truly shows itself to have won the victory when it breaks up into two parties: for so it proves that it contains in itself the principle with which at first it had to conflict, and thus that it has got beyond the one-sidedness which was incidental to its earliest expression. The interest that formerly divided itself between it and that to which it was opposed now falls entirely within itself, and the opposing principle is left behind and forgotten, just because it is represented by one of the sides in the new controversy that now occupies the minds of men. At the same time, it is to be observed that when the old principle thus reappears, it is no longer what it was before; for it is changed and purified by the higher element into which it is now taken up. In this point of view, that discord which appears at first to be a lamentable breach and dissolution of the unity of a party, is really the crowning proof of its success." Hegel - from Caird's Hegel

So with Syriza having "succeeded" in this way, I look forward to its successor, Popular Unity's, realer success. As Lascaris comments at Real News Network, this is a real possibility.

Calgacus said...

Amid the usual lunacy at WSWS there is this

"Under the Greek constitution, if an election is called within a year of the last one, the president first asks the two leading opposition parties to attempt to form a government. If they cannot, elections are triggered.
On Friday, Pavlopoulos gave the mandate to the main opposition party, New Democracy, who now have three days to attempt to form a government. As ND and its likely allies are not able to command a majority, the mandate is then expected to pass to Popular Unity."
Explains the timing, after the resignation. So although success is unlikely, Popular Unity will even be trying to form a government in a few days. Varoufakis & Zoe Konstantopoulou seem to be leaning towards the new group, opposing Tsipras.