Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Saker — Europe in free fall

Europe is in free fall. Nobody can doubt that any more. In fact, the is EU simultaneous suffering from several crucial problems and any one of them could potentially become catastrophic. Let’s look at them one by one.…
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Europe in free fall
The Saker


Peter Pan said...

WSWS' take on the refugee crisis:

...The response of broad layers of the population to the plight of refugees stands in stark contrast to the reaction of the ruling elites. Especially in Germany, refugees have been met with a flood of aid that has surprised and shocked mainstream political circles.
In Hamburg, several tons of donations were delivered to an exhibition hall that has provided shelter for 1,100 refugees from Syria and Eritrea for the past two weeks. Thousands of local citizens donated clothes, toys, blankets or purchased urgently needed hygienic items. While the authorities harass refugees and justify their actions with the claim that they are “overtaxed”, hundreds of volunteers have built a supply chain that distributes donations throughout Germany and organizes language courses and health care...

Ralph Musgrave said...

The claim by The Saker that “The EU does not have the means to stop” migrants is complete nonsense. Israel, which actually shares a border with the source of many of the migrants, namely Syria, doesn’t take any migrants. Nor does Saudi Arabia or several other gulf states. I’m not sure EXACTLY how they keep them out, but it’s probably some combination of:

1. Shoot them if they try to cross the border.
2. Round them up, put them in jail for a few months, and then deport them.

Other would-be migrants quickly get the message.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. Saker should say, "Doesn't have the will." The obvious solution is not even to shoot them on arrival but to fire warning shots and then sink their boats if they don't turn back. But TPTB have already figured that out. It's already under discussion. :o

The same thing is now happening in the US, with Trump putting forward a neo-fascist immigration plan that is sweeping the GOP base by storm. Of course, many of the base would like to see them just shot and be done with it.

Jonf said...

It seems to me the more severe the migrant problem, the more severe the reaction to it. At least here in the states a small migration from south of the border will be absorbed, pretty much as it always has been.That is at least until recently when Trump and his friends started with their phony immigration plans.

It is a dreadful thought to think refugees could actually be shot or their boats sunk. Maybe we need a Marshall plan for N Africa and the middle east? Nah we don't have time for that or the money, right? Perhaps we don't have the real resources to fix it. The EU is in some trouble as The Saker said.