Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CNBC should be held liable for their terrible "analysis" and their reporters should be required to have malpractice insurance!

Clueless reporters, Girlie men.

Imagine if doctors practiced medicine this way? Clueless.

That's how the morons at CNBC practice economics and investing.

Yesterday in the midst of all the panic, CNBC resident "girlie man," David Faber, was utterly speechless on air, even exuded a sense of panic when the market opened sharply lower.

Rather than be a calming force and telling people to stay cool (it's not like we haven't seen violent market corrections before), he looked like a deer in the headlights while cryptically uttering, "I...I...uh...I gotta make some calls."

Meanwhile, I was on another network, calmly telling viewers to stay calm and use the selling as a buying opportunity.

CNBC should be held liable and their reporters should be required to have malpractice insurance for the terrible, misleading and ignorant commentary and "analysis" (Ha!) they give to people.


Peter Pan said...

Can always count on girlie men and pranksters to yell "fire" in a crowded theatre. That's what WS is, a theatre.

mike norman said...

It may be "theater" to you, Bob, but it's not theater to a lot of people. It's their savings, their retirement.

Peter Pan said...

People have been losing their savings, their retirement BECAUSE of Wall Street. Regardless if they are investors or not.