Thursday, August 27, 2015

Victor Veritov — The Collapsing World Order is Russia's New Challenge

Politics is a huge and complex world of relations between people and states. We watch the news on television and we read articles which tell us about various problems, conflicts, and state figures. Being in a giant whirlpool of information, it is difficult to fit everything into some kind of overall picture. It’s even more difficult to understand where and towards what the whole world, led by these or those political forces, is going.
Challenges are frightening. The fact of the existence of weapons of mass destruction has not been abolished, and this means that there is a chance that they will be used. Everyone understands that a nuclear war will destroy everyone, and it keeps the world from starting a new conflict. But the generation of those who remember the horrors of the world wars is almost gone. And history, unfortunately, teaches us that no one learns and nothing is learned. Everything is always repeated again by the same scenarios and patterns.…
Fort Russ
The Collapsing World Order is Russia's New Challenge
Victor Veritov, PolitRussia
Fort Russ translation by J. Arnoldski -

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