Sunday, January 8, 2017

Oliver Stone — The Russians Are Coming

Summary of the crazy. 

Stone doesn't mention the method in the madness though, which is at least in part feeding the military-industrial complex. 

Another part is promoting the power structure, which is under populist attack and wobbling on its feet after the electoral blow struck by Donald Trump. 

A third is maintaining global hegemony in accordance Wolfowitz Doctrine. 

A fourth is imposing liberal globalization in accordance with the Washington Consensus. 

The Very Serious People are struggling to look serious.

Includes links to supporting material.

Oliver Stone at Medium
The Russians Are Coming
Oliver Stone


Noah Way said...

Sharp, accurate piece by Stone.

jrbarch said...

Yep! That’s the story of the human ‘mind’ for you – instead of using the intelligence. It’s a choice we make. America is succumbing to emotionalism. It becomes a disease, intensifies, breaks out in a physical crisis. Everyone looks at the crisis instead of the disease. At least the Russians and Chinese are thinking things through. Whatever the value of DJT turns out to be, at least he is making some people question things more.

Somewhere in Monkey Magic there was an observation by the narrator about ‘ darkness consuming the light; but needing the light in order to survive’. How to feed the good wolf? How to reassert human values?

In the human heart there is an energy, which makes a little space in mind, for the intelligence to grow. It’s that simple from the one side, and that complicated from the other ... Sigh!

Noah Way said...

It's not the 'information age', it's the disinformation age, and has been for a long time.