Monday, January 9, 2017

US geostrategy under Obama and Trump

How the US is setting up at the beginning of the Trump administration.

The major difference is that the foreign policy establishment apparently wants to take on Russia first and then China, and Trump wants to take on China first which would isolate Russia.

Both are dangerous games for high stakes, no less than world domination, and the people in charge of US policy are high rollers. Apparently their only disagreement is over strategy. Brzezinski/Rubin versus Kissinger/David Rockefeller.

Fort Russ
Rostislav Ishchenko, RIA Analytics - translated by J. Arnoldski



Ryan Harris said...

Obama in a last gasp of war mongering Russia, is sending tanks and troops to Eastern Europe

jrbarch said...

Landmark speech from Prem at the close of 2016:

Prem Rawat in Soweto, South Africa – Dec 7, 2016

By this I mean I have listened to or seen just about every discourse of Prem’s of the last fifty years, and this one (in its context) stands out. Probably the best $US10 I will spend this year (op/production costs). You will not hear this depth of wisdom or expression re ‘world affairs’ from any of the political and economic pundits or world leaders; or even the commentators at MNE :-)! Sorry – but all else is so shallow in comparison and our so-called world leaders are just as big a failures as the rest of us. Prem brings up the simple bases of it all and the profound connections to human experience. He is one of the few people on the world stage today, who actually know what they are taking about. And people in their millions are listening. Is not that 'news' .....?