Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Gordon Dimmack - More BBC BS anti-Russia hysteria

I quite this guy. I don't know who he is, but  I like it when ordinary people set up their own news shows. If only we got news like this in the MSM. The real news.


Konrad said...


Google is working to crush an internal staff revolt over its reported plan to launch a censored version of the Google search engine in China.

Also, a coalition of 14 human rights groups sent an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai calling Google’s China project "an alarming capitulation" on human rights, and demanding that Google cancel any effort to provide censored services.

These so-called “progressive” parties are pro-censorship.

What they oppose is the idea that China’s government, not the U.S. government and Google, will decide what gets censored.

Google itself is censoring (i.e. purging) people across its 75 social media companies, including Blogger and YouTube.

Likewise with Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, and other platforms.

As always, American hypocrisy is infinite, including among “progressives.”

Konrad said...

Based on that item from the BBC (British Bullshit Corporation) I should amend that to say Anglo-American hypocrisy.

Or Western, Israeli, and Saudi hypocrisy.

Kaivey said...

Gordon Dimmack is good don't got think, Konrad, but if he gets too many followers Google will take him down. We watched all the films, like But Brother and 1984, but who would have believed they were really about the West?