Friday, August 17, 2018

Social media wars hotting up..

Social media wars hotting up..

Zero Hedge
Top Iran General 'Ready for Jihad'; Posts White House Explosion Pic On Instagram
Tyler Durden

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What Twitter views as abusive, Caitlin sees as telling truth to power.

Caitlin Johnstone — Rogue Journalist
Twitter Has Shut Down My Account For “Abusing” John McCain
Caitlin Johnstone


Konrad said...

We talk a lot about ever-worsening Internet censorship, but is it really that bad?

Yes it is.

This blog here (MNE) is the only one where I leave reader comments, but there are other blogs that I visit. One of them is Caitlin Johnstone’s. This week Wordpress purged some of those blogs in the dead of night, including one blog that had been going for ten years. None of the purged blogs were offensive in any way, nor used profanity, or made any threats. They obediently defended the “six million”™ hoax, but they questioned other hoaxes such as Russia-gate, the Skripal “gassing,” the Syrian “gassings,” the “White Helmets” head choppers, the official accounts of the Las Vegas shooting incident, and so on. And although they were not fans of Trump, they did not obsessively attack Trump. Therefore they had to go. And of course there is the Alex Jones affair.

It’s all part of TDS, which itself is part of a dying Empire.

Caitlin Johnstone writes: “John McCain has devoted his entire political career to slaughtering as many human beings as possible at every opportunity, and the world will be improved when he finally dies.”

If Ms. Johnstone had said Trump instead of McCain, the social media platforms would have blessed her.

TDS plague carriers are now demanding that Trump himself be banned from Twitter.

“In a corporatist system of government, wherein government power and corporate power are not separated in any meaningful way, corporate censorship is state censorship.”

Yes. Those who control the public narrative control the public.

We need well-funded entrepreneurs to create alternatives to the current social media tyranny. Russia is developing its own Internet before the Empire can cut Russia off.

Konrad said...

Incidentally I say again that Trump’s fans are energized by their opposition to TDS.

Regarding the Zero Hedge blog, “Gen. Qassem Soleimani” is obviously a fictitious person, or else U.S. operatives (or MEMRI) write his alleged statements. Iran doesn’t talk about “jihads.” “Jihad” is more commonly used by Sunni mercenaries who are paid by the Empire.

The U.S. government and the corporate media outlets pay MEMRI to lie.

In Oct 2005 when Ahmadinejad predicted that Israel would eventually “disappear from the pages of time,” MEMRI translated it as “We will wipe Israel off the map!”

That lie was eventually exposed, but MEMRI keeps at it.

Noah Way said...

In 2018, just before the collapse of civilization, international diplomacy was conducted on Twitter and Instagram.

John said...

"That lie was eventually exposed, but MEMRI keeps at it."

Not just MEMRI, but pretty much all mainstream media. Anyone who brings up the facts is instantly dismissed or considered a shady character at best. So the lie lives on because it is a lie.

Not just that. When brought up, it is always couched in the following mendacious terms: Iran threatened to WIPE Israel off the map. Not one president, long since replaced, once said something that was translated in those terms, whether those words accurate or not. It is no longer "Ahmadinejad threatened..." but "Iran threatened". Nor is this the end of the matter. In Iran, the president has very little power, and none over military and foreign affairs. So Ahmadinejad's pronouncements are irrelevant. Yet that hasn't stopped the "liberal" media intentionally doing a job on Iran. It may be disgraceful, but it's also a damn good lesson in how the media operates: it gets its marching orders from Washington, builds itself into an artificial fury using blatant lies and then denounces anyone as a "useful idiot" if they demur, or tar you as a "conspiracy theorist", "anti-semite", "anti-West", "anti-American" or whatever because you say the translation is incorrect. One BBC reporter I saw rolled his eyes and sneered "yeah, mistranslation". You wish there was a hell for these cowardly liars. Unfortunately there isn't and they get away with almost any lie they tell.