Friday, August 31, 2018

The Real New Network - How Have Liberals Used Russiagate to Further American Exceptionalism? Q&A (Pt 4/6)

This is worth watching just for the clip of  Bill Maher and Micheal Moore attacking Col. Larry Wilkerson. Now Col. Larry Wilkerson is a republican and a military man and yet here is talking about making peace with Putin because the US and Russia have too many nuclear weapons aimed at each other and tensions are high. But Bill Maher and Michael Moore are vehemently anti-Russia and are full of it. Clip starts at 29 seconds. It's appalling to see liberals being so hawkish. I used to like Micheal Moore and I loved his films but now he appals me.

I used to like Bill Maher too once because he was a liberal and was extremely funny, but when he started bashing Muslims I went off him. I'm no Islam fan either, in fact I hate the religion, but I believe most Muslims are decent people just because it's human nature to be. Every religion has its fanatics and so does Christianity. What Bill Maher seems to miss is that the West created militant jihadist Islam which has ruined Muslim societies and made life hell for Muslim women. We nearly succeeded in doing the same in Syria.

Paul Jay say's the liberals hate Donald Trump so much that they are making a terrible mistake when they attack him over Russiagate. Kevin Vincent.

Reel Bad Arabs : How Hollywood Vilifies a People

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GLH said...

I haven't listened to or watched anything Moore has done since Obumer was elected president. The thing about Moore is that he is a hypocrite, what was wrong under Bush was suddenly right under O. Not much is different with Maher.