Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Alastair Crooke — The Metaphysics to Our Present Global Anguish

Clearly, from the very outset, Trump has been “perceived by the globalist neo-liberal order as a mortal danger to the system which has enriched them” Jatras observes. The big question that Jatras poses in the wake of these events, is how could such collective hysteria have blossomed in to such visceral hostility, that parts of the ‘Anglo’ establishment are ready to intensify hostilities toward Russia – even to the point of risking “a catastrophic, uncontainable [nuclear] conflict”. How is it that the élite’s passion ‘to save globalism’ is so completely overwhelming that it demands their risking human extinction? Jatras suggests that we are dealing here with hugely powerful psychic impulses....
These millenarian revolutionaries - exponents of the new Scientism, who hoped to force a shattering discontinuity in history (through which the flaws of human society would be excised from the body politic) - were, in the last resort, nothing other than secular representatives of the apocalyptic Judaic and Christian myth.
The American millenarian ‘myth’, then and now, was (and is), rooted in the fervent belief in the Manifest Destiny of the United States, ‘the New Jerusalem’, to represent humanity’s best hope for a utopian future. This belief in a special destiny has been reflected in a conviction that the United States must lead – or more properly, has the duty to coerce - mankind toward that future.
The secular crusades.

Reading the piece through, and I recommend doing so, it is difficult not to draw the obvious parallels.

As I have been saying, we are witnessing the clash between liberalism and traditionalism. It is explosive, since it involves the most deeply held values and ideas, and there are seemingly incompatible.

Alexander Dugin deals with this in The Fourth Political Theory. He holds that the first three and liberalism, fascism and communism. Liberalism has defeated the fascism and communism, which are moribund but not yet dead. Now liberalism is confronting traditionalism, and the outcome is already war, where traditionalists are defending their territory.

Islam viewing this as the new crusade, a view reinforced by G. W. Bush's use of the term. This "crusade" even has a name and number and a Wikipedia article"
However, particularly in predominantly Muslim parts of the world, the term crusade produces the same sort of negative reaction as the term jihad does in much of the West.
The US is now actively engaged in banning Confucius Institutes sponsored by the PRC, the purpose of which is teach about Chinese culture and provide instruction in Mandarin.

Many traditionalists, particularly, in Eastern Orthodox countries view this conflict as one between traditionalism and liberalism, with liberalism promoting moral and cultural degeneracy, as well as between their Orthodox faith and Western Christianity, both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

"Psychic" indeed. And maybe psychotic?

Strategic Culture Foundation
The Metaphysics to Our Present Global Anguish
Alastair Crooke | founder and director of the Conflicts Forum, and former British diplomat and senior figure in British intelligence and in European Union diplomacy


Bob Roddis said...

Good thing the US government and military are not "revenue constrained" thanks our wonderful Modern Money system!

Matt Franko said...

“moral and cultural degeneracy”

You start waging a crusade/jihad against type of behavior and look at what has happened to the RCC... history might advise against this type of “behavior modification” endeavor by whatever type of institution... it seems not to end well for the institution prosecuting it...

Anonymous said...

I think the West has to turn its head more to the East and v.v.

In the West exists the means to restore material sustainability. In the East exists knowledge of self.

Human existence is simple; the self is simple once experienced and understood.

It is the human personality where all of the complexity comes in; and this emerging from competing desires of the ‘I’. All of the great political, religious, economic, social, and individual struggles, emerge from the sense of expansion and expression of the ‘I’ (which is just a wave in the mind stuff). This separation, put simply, is illusion. I mean that in the scientific, provable, sky is blue, earth is green, water is wet, sense. This is the reality we need to know.

Here is the great truth that shines from out of the East. The self is sovereign in a human being. It is One and because it exists, there is movement towards globalisation, unity, in the personality. However this evolving movement, this energy, is hijacked by the ‘I’ and used selfishly. Unity is not a matter of some prevailing ideology, group or individual in the outside world, using force. Unity is a matter of realisation of something that already exists. We have a name for this unity – it is called Peace. It is mankind’s deepest wish. When there is peace, then there is a chance to untie the knotty problems. When there is no peace, they will get more entangled.

Whatever the realisation of the individual seed, will be baked into the loaf. There is your struggle.

Matt Franko said...

Jr how is that any different than the RCC getting in the face of all the LGBT people for years and trying to get them to “repent!” (Which means ‘change’) ?

That obviously didn’t work... and furthermore looks like it boomeranged on them...

Marian Ruccius said...

Fun analysis, but it overthinks matters: it really is just about folk wanting a measure of control over their lives, and not to be forced to serve exploitative foreign powers and their local representatives. The exploiters are a class of sociopaths, but all these stories are just justifications. It is amazing how people get tangled in the web of lies they create. For instance, people don't want to accept MMT ideas merely because they don't want to have to accept a) that they were foolish in their beliefs, and, more important, b) that their immense sacrifices were for naught. The can bear the loss of their home or of access to public services, if it is because the government had to cut spending for "the greater good," just as they can bear losing a child in battle, as long as the battle was to protect the nation, but they cannot bear to accept that their sacrifices served no useful purpose.

Anonymous said...

That’s right Matt – and why is the right question.

It’s a shame that people cannot accept other people, just the way they are. In nature there is a huge diversity; but we want nothing to be different, to us, what we think is ‘normal’. Has anyone ever met ‘normal’? Is anyone on this blog normal? Our heads, firmly stuck in the box. We change, from the moment we are born – why are we so afraid of change? Or difference? Life is forever moving on, continually experimenting - and we want to stay still? There’s a joke: - what if every man looked like Matt? All the wives would get really confused; take anyone home. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all ....?

So, the ‘I’ (RCC) is in conflict with the ‘I’ (LGBT) – both of them waves in the mindstuff. What sort of dance is this? Like two black holes circling each other. The ‘I’ really is just a point of self-awareness in the personality – in a four year old it is very simple, unified; then we begin to add the layers. POTUS. No you’re not – underneath it all you are still a human being – you are that point of awareness; everything else can change. There is the Divine that created everything – beyond the reach of all human thought and expression: - then there is the God we create for ourselves, absolutely human thought and expression; filling up the books with descriptions, rules, austerities etc. There is the point of awareness, expanding, courtesy of the self – then there is the ‘I’ that gets added to every day we are alive; changing every day, weaving its veil, on a roller coaster. It is easily hypnotised in many people. The first thing to understand is we create these layers for ourselves, they are our imagination of who we are; we add layers when we should be taking them away. It doesn’t mean POTUS should not do his or her job. But don’t get confused between who you are and what you do. When you are drowning in the ocean you scream out ‘save me, save me’ – not save the layers, the imagination. When you pass through that wall at the close of this life it is you that passes through – not the layers. It seems very real doesn’t it – the layers? As when you dream. Throw a snake in the car where those two are sitting (RCC+LGBT) and watch them solve their dispute in seconds.

Only the self and its fiery light, shows all of this is shadows on the wall of the cave. Plato was being real – and everyone thought he was writing a nice philosophy! How poetic! Do you think those prisoners bound to that wall did not fervently desire peace? They’ve been bound there so long they ‘imagine’ RCC + LGBT is an issue. That’s the least of their worries ....

We need a nice walk in the sunshine, on the hill, outside that cave; breathe some fresh air!

Matt Franko said...

“RCC+LGBT) and watch them solve their dispute in seconds.”

What did LGBT people ever do? It’s not like they were going all around condemning straight people all the time... I think you have a bad analogy here...

Anonymous said...

Yes - not a good analogy. Was thinking this morning the one human being who is excellent at practicing peace, is a little new born baby. You can feel the energy radiating from them. They look so beautiful we smile; it tickles the heart, makes the mind wonder. From day one though, the outside world starts pulling on our attention. Attention goes out through the senses, out into the mind, the ‘I’, the emotions, and physical body. What I am talking about above are some of the effects of reversing that flow. Bringing the attention back to focus on the self. The core revelation is something else entirely. A new energy, a new beat, a new rhythm; a new light is shone. A new understanding dawns in the mind.

For the rest of us, you have to walk a long mile before you find an innocent human being .... I think it always takes two Matt – it’s the energy of one ‘I’ being attracted to another ‘I’; their interaction a function of the ‘qualities’ of that energy – energy being a synonym for consciousness. Is not the world a whirlpool, a storm of such energies? The dance of the ‘I’s when what we need is for people to learn, slowly, slowly, the dance of the human self. A sunrise is always gentle.

That little baby once was us, without the layers. Peace is not only still important to us – it is mandatory. When I look at the storm, the confusion and greed brewing in this world, we are not going to survive without it. Peace has always been essential to our existence. In the same way we clear a little space on the pond, push back the weeds so the lotus can bloom, that is what we need to do for peace - for clarity. I think Einstein said the next war after this one, would be fought with sticks and stones. Rome is burning and Nero fiddles.