Saturday, August 25, 2018

John Queally — 'This Is Massive': Landslide Victory for Progressive Reform as DNC Cuts Superdelegates Down to Size

Norman Solomon, national coordinator for the progressive advocacy group, which had lobbied on behalf of superdelegate reform, said he was skeptical that the power structure of the party would actually move on the issue.
"But it moved in a big way today — because of grassroots power," Solomon told Common Dreams in an emailed statement just after the measure passed. "The sustained groundswell of progressive outrage, agitation, activism and organizing since 2016 forced corporate forces at the top of the party to confront a tough choice — either surrender on the superdelegate issue or deepen the justified distrust among people who believe in the principle of one person, one vote."
The DNC leadership has realized, he added, "that it won't be possible to defeat Republicans unless progressives are strongly on board. Faced with the choice and undergoing such sustained pressure from the grassroots, the corporate forces of the party have retreated about superdelegates. Of course there will be huge battles ahead for progressives. We have got to keep the pressure up and keep moving to make the party and the country live up to the democratic rhetoric that so routinely rings hollow."...
MMT not far behind. Look for Stephanie Kelton to be playing a much more influential role in advising candidate and office holders.

Common Dreams
'This Is Massive': Landslide Victory for Progressive Reform as DNC Cuts Superdelegates Down to Size
John Queally

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Konrad said...

The super-delegate scam was originally created to keep anti-war Democrats from controlling the party. Today the super-delegate scam keeps genuinely progressive Democrats from controlling the party. Super-delegates insure that the Democrats are led by neoliberals.

This has not changed. Indeed this latest development is a pretense. Millions of people are abandoning the Democrat party because it is ruled by neoliberals. This latest sham is an attempt by neoliberals to seem "progressive."

Liars one and all.

I won’t believe any DNC claim until I see things like genuine support for Universal Medicare, for example, or the total elimination of the super-delegate scam.