Monday, August 20, 2018

Pepe Escobar — So what will The Sanctioned supergroup do?

Not one of his best, but Pepe is always worth the read. It's August, so not much happening to report anyway.


Anonymous said...

Governments want war – humanity wants peace. Who is going to win this? It all depends on people.

At the center of it all is the ‘sense of I’ and its fulfilment.

Should some people be enslaved, so others can say ‘I am powerful’? In their dreams they are powerful.

Death, who is much more realistic, says you sum to zero. You get recycled. Add it up.

While you are alive you can experience peace, or experience war – it is entirely up to you. Not the fault of the divine.

Is this the intelligence of a human being, where we would choose war over peace? Or is this absence of intelligence? And the idiocy and greed of just a few.

Missing in action is the heart. The courage. The generosity. The kindness of humanity.

It’s not a matter of saying No to war; it’s a matter of saying Yes, to peace.
Saying Yes to being human. It is not about all the issues between nations. These are effects; not the cause. It is all about saying Yes, to being human. After 6000 years of modern man’s stupidity, do you think we should have learnt that? Are we waiting for someone to fix it for us? The supergroup are going to fix it for us, or Congress? Somewhere in the hazy hazy future .....? A politician’s promise ...? That’s how we know we will get the opposite.

If a few people can make a difference for war then a few people can make a difference for peace.

How fast - up to the people ....

Matt Franko said...

We haven’t had a really big war since WW2... pretty long time..

Konrad said...


The USA has been almost continually at war since the end of WW II, which lasted only eight years in China, five years in Europe, and three years for the USA. Since then, U.S. wars have stretched out longer and longer. The war on Korea lasted only three years, but the war on Vietnam lasted ten years, while the war on Syria has lasted six years. The US war on Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and other nations have lasted sixteen years, with no end in sight. Combined with the neoliberal plague, we are locked in a perpetual world war.

I call it the Forever War.

The smug, self-satisfied idiot above is too stupid to see this.

Konrad said...

Speaking of the “sanctioned super-group,” (and of idiocy) John Bolton (graduate of the Franko Institute for the Mentally Challenged) has started drinking the Russia-gate Kool-aid® and pushing the hoax.

Bolton now claims (with zero proof or examples) that Russia “interfered” in the 2016 election, and so did Iran, China, and North Korea!

Bolton says these nations got Trump elected (and therefore got Bolton a job). Hence they are evil.

Tom Hickey said...

Perpetual war, endless war, or a forever war, is a lasting state of war with no clear conditions that would lead to its conclusion.[citation needed] These wars are situations of ongoing tension that may escalate at any moment, similar to the Cold War. Today, the concepts are used to critique the United States Armed Forces interventions in foreign nations and the military–industrial complex, or wars with ambiguous enemies such as the War on Terror, War on Poverty, or the War on Drugs.


I was just thinking a couple of hours ago that I have the same feeling of inevitability now that I did when was I was on the ground in California watching the housing crisis unfold. Feels like it's baked in.

Not just the US. The UK is out front in this and British and American "intelligence" are joined at the hip operationally. The US and UK are dragging Europe into it as vassal states of the Empire, although eastern Europe is all for it and pushing it, too.

Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, etc., know this. In fact everyone that has any understanding of geopolitics and geostrategy cannot miss it.

Very parlous times.

Anonymous said...

"Of the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history."


Anonymous said...

Peace is humanity's strength - war is our weakness. Warriors defend peace; defend our strength - not our weakness.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has found a war gene. They have found a peace gene that we share with the bonobos. :-) !! So much for the 'warrior class' ...