Tuesday, August 28, 2018

PCR - There Is No Limit To Presstitute Hypocrisy

The mass murderer, John McCain, is considered to be a hero. Murder one person and you go to prison, murder millions and you become a hero. Lockheed Martin had some nice things to say about John McCain.  KV

Caitlin Johnstone warned us that the liberals were going to make a hero out of warmonger John McCain. https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/08/24/do-not-let-them-make-a-saint-of-this-asshole/
All morning long NPR has been conducting eulogies for warmonger McCain, who is having a state funeral both in DC and in Arizona. Liberal Democrat Charles Schumer wants to rename the senate office building named after Richard Russell, a real senator, after McCain, a pimp for the military/security complex and supporter of every terrorist group that Washington could organize to sic on the Soviets, the Sandinistas, the Libyans, the Syrians. https://consortiumnews.com/2018/08/27/the-other-side-of-john-mccain/
McCain’s hero status from being a POW in North Vietnam is disputed by other POWs who say that he collaborated with the North Vietnamese.
It was John McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, who covered up the Israeli attack on the USS liberty that produced 208 US Navy casualties. Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told me that a real US Navy admiral would have resigned before he would participate in a shameful coverup at the expense of the lives of American service men.
In America the way to become a hero is to stand up for war and more war. On this basis, John McCain is a hero.
NPR’s other constantly repeated news story today is a UN report that top military figures in Myanmar are guilty of crimes against humanity in their treatment of Muslims in Rakhine province. Allegedly 700,000 Muslims have fled from Myanmar.
Assume that this story is true and not just Washington orchestrated propaganda against Myanmar’s government whose close relations with China have offended Washington. How do the atrocities against Muslims in Myanmar compare with Washington’s atrocities against Muslims that have destroyed in whole or part seven countries in the 21st century, displacing and sending fleeing millions of Muslims who are “diversifying Europe?”
How do the Myanmar atrocities compare to Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians?
How do they compare to the Saudi genocide of the Yemenis?
Why is it that NPR and the BBC can fixate on Myanmar and ignore far worse atrocities?
Our new American Hero John McCain urged on Washington’s attrocities against Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and he supported Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians.

In America to be associated with crimes against humanity brings hero status. In Myanmar it brings denunciation and demand for trials before the International Criminal Court.
Paul Craig Roberts


Matt Franko said...

“What gets me is how the hell did John McCain end up in the Democratic Party?”

He wasn’t in theDemocrat Party he was a Republican...

He often did deals with Democrats which put him afoul with many Republican hardliners and made him controversial...

Matt Franko said...


“McCain did well in academic subjects that interested him, such as literature and history, but studied only enough to pass subjects that gave him difficulty, such as mathematics”


Konrad said...

Kaivey knows that McCain was a Republican.

Franko’s mission is to reduce the number of people who visit this blog. People see Franko’s comments and think, “If they allow this idiot to write blog posts, then everyone here is clearly an imbecile."

Regarding Myanmar, yes, its government is tight with China. This is why Western media outlets call Myanmar’s government a “dictatorship” that is guilty of “human rights abuses.”

Any government that displeases Western mass murderers is a “dictatorship” that is guilty of “human rights abuses.”

Iran, China, Cuba, Syria, Russia, Venezuela, Gaddhafi's Libya, etc etc are all “dictatorships” that are guilty of “human rights abuses.”

Kaivey said...

Your right, Konrad, I just got mixed up for a moment because of the Democrats heaping praise on him. That got me mixed up with Joe Biden for some reason. And I'm not well at the moment either.

Konrad said...

I'm not well at the moment either, but my illness is physical, unlike Franko's.

lastgreek said...

Roe vs Wade ... he did not support it.

In other words, McCain was squeamish about killing the unborn, as opposed to the born.

GLH said...

When the bullshit about McCain come on I simply turn the tv to something else. That fixes it for me.