Friday, August 31, 2018

Katharine Jenkins — Can a woman have a penis? How to understand disagreements about gender recognition

Ok, the title is clickbait. But, uncharacteristically of clickbait the article is about much more and it is important.

The point is that gender is a complicated concept that does fit simple models like biological appearance.

This is a point that Ludwig Wittgenstein sought to elucidate by applying logical analysis. The meaning of many words in ordinary language are more like family resemblances than essences. For example, many words have several entires differentiating the different uses in dictionaries. 

The Conversation
Can a woman have a penis? How to understand disagreements about gender recognition
Katharine Jenkins | Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Nottingham


Konrad said...

“Gender is a complicated concept that does fit simple models like biological appearance.” ~ Tom Hickey

On this topic we are not in agreement. Not remotely.

Social, national, and imperial decay always involves militant gender dysphoria. This illness is worsened by articles like the one above.

lastgreek said...

"Ok, the title is clickbait."

Pfft, you call that "clickbait," Tom?

This is clickbait. Clickbait on steroids!

Beer Made From The Vaginal Lactic Acid Of Hot Models Finally Goes On Sale

Come to think of it, it's probably why the beer in Prince Edward Island was twice the price of beer in Quebec ;)

Ryan Harris said...

For the miniscule tiny minority of people born with deformity (tiny fraction of 1 percent) or have mental issues, I don't understand why anyone doesn't give them wide berth to live a dignified, happy existence. Being a biological animal means we have genetic variability and mutants, it's a strength, not a weakness. What appears to be frustrating many is watching parents making some questionable medical decisions when kids are only a few years old. From the outside, it appears to be abuse, but without knowing the actual types of problem, who knows really?

For the vast majority sex and gender aren't a huge issue unless society makes it an issue. People tend to mature sexually and form relationships with people, grow old within their family and communities and it is what it is.

The changes over time have been greatly exaggerated; When you look at historical photos women and men have long played gender roles outside the norms. Many people appeared to make it work in surprising professions forever. Others infuriated society and were often ostracized or worse. Nothing new today.

Large differences exist between perceptions and reality, going by surveys and data. People vastly over estimate the number of homesexuals by a factor of 5-10. Trans people make up a fraction of 1% and people think they are a few percent. Probably arises from the tendency of sex/gender minorities to aggregate in liberal communities. Media portrayals tend to over represent and exaggerate --> it all plays into the general inability of humans to comprehend very small and very large scales.

Perhaps liberal cities need to make a bigger deal about the human side because they have concentrated populations while rural areas, it's crazy rare, so it's viewed abstractly and not from the perspective of dealing fragile humans and protecting their lives but from what it represents.

Kaivey said...

Good post, Ryan!

Matt Franko said...

“Meanwhile the Russian government will not pay for "gay pride" parades. This is one reason why Russia is "evil."

You got it....

geerussell said...

"this filth"

...just passes without comment here.