Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rosa Miriam Elizalde — Colonialism 2.0 in Latin America and the Caribbean

Narrative control.
Once the internet became the central nervous system of the economy, research, news, and politics, the United States’ borders were extended across the planet. Only the U.S. and its corporations are sovereign, no other nation-state exists that could reshape the net by itself, to put a brake on Colonialism 2.0, despite local anti-monopoly laws and clear policies supporting sustainability on the social, ecological, economic, and technological order–much less build a viable alternative to disconnect from the so-called information society.
Very early on, Brazilian anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro warned that with the arrival of revolutionary technologies, “A true colonization is unfolding. The United States is playing its role with great efficiency, seeking complementarities that will make us permanently dependent on them,” adding, “Seeing this new civilization and all its threats, I fear that once again we will be peoples that do not gel-peoples that despite all our potential remain in second place.”...
Granma — Official Voice of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee
Colonialism 2.0 in Latin America and the Caribbean
Fernando Bossi and Cira Pascual Marquina – Venezuelanalysis

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