Friday, August 17, 2018

Moon of Alabama — John Brennan Is No Match For Trump

Yes, I know its August and all that, but this is too good to pass up.

Scott Adams has been on this for a long while. Donald Trump could not ask for better adversaries from the point of view of persuasion. He doesn't even need to write the script. They are doing it for him. All he need do is tweet it.

Moon of Alabama
John Brennan Is No Match For Trump

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We are coming down to the moment when anybody who’s a hero in Washington will be an automatic supervillain in the world. America and her western allies have let criminals run amok for far too long. There are no better examples of this than the enshrinement of dastardly businessmen Bill Browder and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Here’s a story where “birds of a feather” really do flock together....
Some Hard Truth on Browder and Other Putin Enemies
Phil Butler

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If ex-CIA Director John Brennan did to Andrew Jackson what he did to Donald Trump, he would have lost a lot more than his security clearance.
He would have been challenged to a duel and shot....
Patrick J. Buchanan Official Website
Can America Ever Come Together Again?
Pat Buchanan


Konrad said...

Good article. Thanks for posting it.

Rot in hell, Brennan. All the corporate media outlets are crying about their beloved psychopath. (Now if only John McCain would hurry up and die already. He must be very close now.)

Meanwhile it disgusts me to see the hypocrisy of the corporate media outlets, which collude with social media outlets.

"This week 200 U.S. papers united to write editorials against Trump's attacks against the 'freedom of the press'."

Social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress, Facebook, etc.) likewise whine about censorship while they continue to censor more and more blogs and accounts that do not share Trump Derangement Syndrome.

GLH said...

A few years back I wondered why the neo cons hated Putin so much and I began exploring the internet to find out why. That is when I found that the Russian oligarchs were pretty much all Jews. I kept reading on other things and followed the Jewish thing all the way back to slavery in the eighteenth century. I even learned that things like the holocaust were fake and why they killed Kennedy. All of this was in line with what Konrad says. I have yet to find Konrad wrong on anything I have read. As far as John McCain, read "Guilt by Association" by Jeff Gates. It will do good when McCain dies, he will be replaced seamlessly by the criminals who run the West.

Matt Franko said...

Trump should counter punch thru the FCC and make every CATV channel a la carte.....

Nebris said...

If you're quoting Pat Buchanan, you've already lost...

Tom Hickey said...

The evidence was in at Nuremberg and other trial. If anyone needs to provide evidence, it's those disputing the facts as established in law.

I have already explained why I think "holocaust" is a loaded word and opens the whole issue to needless criticism, and how the actual situation, which is ongoing, is much more nuanced.

Typically what happens is that extreme views are simplistically pitted against each other because it makes for a good story, people can take sides, the "news" can seem "fair and balanced," when focusing on the extremes ignores the middle ground, which happens to be where the revenant answers are to found.

This is not just a matter of historical interest, or "making sure it doesn't happen again."

Well, it is happening again.

SDB said...


I'm not sure what your view is on the holocaust. I've missed where you've written about it.
My comment above is directed partially are GLH, but more so at Konrad who iirc has posted several times about the fake holocaust.
I'm asking for some clarification/links on what exactly is meant by "fake" ?

Tom Hickey said...

IN my view, the issue is conflating the mass extermination of "Untermenschen" primarily with Jews through the connotation the term "holocaust" as acquired. The result as been focusing on a partial issue when the actual issue is much broader and deeper.

Nazism was a particularly virulent from of a social an political theory based on ethnic purity and ethnic cleansing as a consequence. But the phenomenon has not been limited to German Nazism of that period and WWII and its aftermath did not end, although it often advertised as having happened.

The sort of person that this aspect of Nazism appealed is still in evidence at at work in various parts of the world, even in Germany where it is illegal.

But one doesn't have to fit the profile exactly to be in this category. There are hard and soft varieties. The hard variety subscribes to ethnic purity and ethnic cleansing at least locally (NIMBY), if not nationally or regionally. The soft variety is for ethnic discrimination and denial of the same rights to certain ethnic groups.

While these people may not all fall under the category of neo-Nazis or Nazi sympathizers, they all exhibited characteristics of behavior that is generally categorized as "fascistic." Many of these types do their utmost to conceal or justify their extremely nationalistic (in an ethnic sense) views by wrapping it in the flag of "patriotism" or "defending the weak and oppressed."

I don't want to minimize the atrocities committed against any group, including Jews, but let's put thing in their right perspective so we can really say that it can't happen again — especially when it is happening again.

SDB said...

I don't see anything in your comment that I disagree with.

But I also don't see anything in your comment that has to do with my first and the end of my second comment, asking why several commentators here continue to refer to the "fake holocaust".

Tom Hickey said...

But I also don't see anything in your comment that has to do with my first and the end of my second comment, asking why several commentators here continue to refer to the "fake holocaust".

As I said, the evidence is in as a result of the trials. Based on that evidence, many atrocities were committed at a mass level and different groups were targeted, including Jews but not limited to them.

It's for those that deny this evidence to produce an evidentiary argument that is compelling. I have not seen that.

Tom Hickey said...

BTW, the issue is not only the "holocaust," referring chiefly to the concentration camps. e.g., Auschwitz and Dachau, but also other massacres involving many different groups that were targeted. There's a huge political kerfuffle that is ongoing in the regions where this happened and Nazi collaborators were involved, for example. In addition to denial, there is blame shifting and even justification. Stepan Bandera is being resurrected as a national hero in Ukraine, for instance.