Tuesday, September 18, 2018

18 September 2018

Consortium News
The West Against the Rest or The West Against Itself?
Pepe Escobar

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RUSSIAN BALL: A Russian Ball and Chinese Brick: Why Russia Is Perfect Target for Western Sanctions

FRBNY — Liberty Street
Do You Know How Your Treasury Trades Are Cleared and Settled?
Adam Copeland, Michael Fleming, Frank Keane, and Radhika Mithal

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Russia trolling JIT MH17
Max van der Werf (NL)

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Russia reveals the MH17 ‘smoking gun’
Pepe Escobar

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Russian Mh-17 Briefing
Patrick Armstrong

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NATO Warships Amassed by Syria just before Attack on Lattakia
Paul Antonopoulos

Defend Democracy Press
Putin on Israel’s role in Il-20 downing: ‘Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances’

Moon of Alabama
Syria - Israel's Provocation Kills Russian Soldiers - Moscow Will Take Political Revenge

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Anatoly Karlin

The Vineyard of the Saker
Russia blames Israel for the shooting down of her EW aircraft (UPDATED 2x)
The Saker


Sic Semper Tyrannis
Willy B

Patrick Armstrong

Michael Roberts Blog
It’s greed and fear
Michael Roberts

Sputnik International
Two Chinese Media Outlets Must Register as Foreign Agents with US Justice Dept.

Sputnik International
White Helmets Continue to Prepare Provocations in Idlib - Russian Envoy

Sputnik International
US Air Force Demands 74 More Squadrons to Prepare for Major Conflict – Reports


Konrad said...

Syria - Israel's Provocation Kills Russian Soldiers - Moscow Will Take Political Revenge

“On Netanyahoo's personal request, Russia had stopped the delivery of original Russian S-300 long range air-defense missiles to the Syrian military. These would have been less likely to veer off towards the wrong target. Consequently an Iranian 747 was damaged and 15 Russian soldiers were killed. Netanyahoo can forget about any further such 'favors' from Moscow.”

Dream on. Russia obeys Israeli orders just like the West.

Many people think that Russia is a foil to Israeli aggression. Not true.

During the 2014 bombardment of the Gaza Death Camp (“Operation Protective Edge”) the Israelis murdered 2,202 Palestinians, including 526 children under eighteen. 247 murder victims were women aged 18 to 59. Another 113 were men and women over the age of sixty.

In response to this atrocity, Putin boasted that, "I support Israel's battle to protect its citizens.”

In March 2016, Putin said that Israel and Russia have a “special relationship.”

This relationship consists of extreme sycophancy.

Russia supplies most of Israel’s oil.

Demographics may play a role in Russia’s obsequiousness. Russian is the third most widely spoken first language in Israel, after Hebrew and Arabic.

Meanwhile over 100,000 Israeli citizens live in Russia; 80,000 of them in Moscow. This is the largest Israeli expat population in the world. They travel freely between Israel and Russia with no need for visas.

As occurs in almost every nation, Israelis in Russia have used state funds to create memorials to the holocaust.™

China likewise has a memorial to the holocaust,™ but Cuba and Venezuela do not, which is one reason why Cuba and Venezuela are “evil.”

France has forty six memorials to the “six million.”™

Konrad said...

In a further example of Russian groveling, Putin said the Israelis are innocent of destroying a Russian IL-20 (15 Russians killed) because it appears that Syrian S-200 missiles confused the Russian IL-20 with Israeli jets that were attacking Syria at the time.


There are, what, 198 countries in the world?

All but a handful grovel to Israel. [Russia and China are no exceptions.]

All 55 nations and territories in the Americas grovel to Israel, except for Cuba, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

Ten Arab nations have no formal relations with Israel, but their governments and their military forces work closely with Israel.

Everybody loves Israel, and in return is hated by Israel.