Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kim Jin-hyun — Should We Expect ‘Pax Asiatica’ to Arise?

While the West is divided, with the US and the EU arguing with each other and suffering from internal crises, China and India are becoming world powers. What does it mean globally and locally? Should we expect any Asian country or Asia as a whole to become a new powerhouse? How to preserve security in the region and what Russia’s role in that could be?
The world’s balance of power is slowly, but steadily moving towards Asia. While some countries like South Korea and Japan still depend on their Western allies, others, like China and India, are becoming independent players rivaling with the US. But the nature of these powers is different, Kim Jin-hyun, Chairman of the World Peace Forum, told on the margins of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok....
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Should We Expect ‘Pax Asiatica’ to Arise?
Kim Jin-hyun

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Konrad said...

“Most Western countries are worried about the rise of China and India, but they do not have to. China and India will never become powerhouses or empires. There are two sine qua non conditions to become one. The first is a value-based ideology. In Russia, for example, it was communism which influenced the entire world very much. In the US, it is the ideology of human rights and democracy.”

This absurd claim does not merit a response.

“The second condition is that such a powerhouse should be able to dominate the world’s food and energy. China and India are in the most disadvantageous position: they are the largest consumers of food and energy, and do not supply it to anyone else.”

More nonsense. India produces oil, 78% of which is exported to foreign nations. India also exports massive amounts of agricultural products to Europe. China exports rice, potatoes, and other crops. China is responsible for about 30% of global rice production. Meanwhile the USA is a parasite, since the USA has the world’s biggest trade deficit.

Incidentally this is outside the realm of food and energy, but China produces the most cotton in the world by far, and China’s textile industry is the world’s largest. Twenty four provinces grow cotton. The cotton industry employs about 300 million people.

Could Russia and China become empires? This depends on their people’s collective values. If their people become as collectively greedy, hateful, stupid, and fraud-based as are most Americans, then yes, they could become empires.

Whether they do or not, the US Empire is dying from its own corruption.