Thursday, September 20, 2018

Peter Koenig - Iran Hawks in Washington

The US complains about foreign meddling in their elections while they continually meddle in other countries economies and politics all the time.  Peter Koenig says all these countries have a 5th column funded by the U.S. which is in their politics, finance, and the media. He says how the West is a sinking ship overrun with corruption and greed. 

Second, and this is the real challenge – countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China – and all those nations that resist the west’s attempts to conquer, command and subdue them – have a strong so-called “Fifth Column”, open and covert infiltrated western or local and western-trained and funded ‘assets’. These people are usually embedded in the financial sector, especially the central banks and in trade related activities. They are the ‘recipients’ of the messages from the Hawks from Washington – they propagate them in Iran, bring people to the streets often by paying them – to make believe that there is a strong opposition to the government.

They control the local media, publish false economic information – unemployment, inflation – and seek tightening investment links with the west. The Fifth Columnists, or Atlantists, are helping manipulating currency exchange rates, devaluations of their country’s – Iran’s – money; they are exaggerating the impact of sanctions at home to create fear and hostility against the government – in brief, they are weaponizing public opinion against their own government. They are collaborators with Iran’s enemies.

The Fifth Columnists are a dangerous, criminal and non-transparent alliance of opponents working for foreign interests, in Iran, as well as in Russia, Venezuela, China – and where ever the Washington hegemon and its dark deep masters want to bring about regime change. Neutralizing them is a huge challenge, as their activities are deeply rooted in their countries financial system, private banking and international trade.

The best way of annihilating their nefarious impact is by applying the rules of Resistance Economy – breaking loose from the western dollar system, de-globalizing the economy, finding back to political and economic sovereignty – local production for local markets with local money and local public banking for the development of the local economy; and by trading with friendly, culturally and ideologically aligned countries. If the link to the globalized west is broken, their power is gone. Iran is on the right path – the future is in the East. The greed-driven aggressive west is committing economic and moral suicide – the west has become a sinking ship.

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Peter Koenig - Iran Hawks in Washington


Konrad said...

You’ll notice that Peter Koenig does not include Cuba in his list of target nations that have “fifth columns” (i.e. nations that have domestic allies with the Empire).

The Empire cannot prevail against nations (like Cuba) whose people are united at all levels.

In order for the Empire to conquer a nation, the target must already be divided (i.e. its rich people must hate its poor) or else the Empire must first use propaganda to set one part of the target nation against another part. We saw the latter case in Libya, where Imperial propaganda set eastern Libya against Western Libya so that NATO had a pretext to destroy all sides. This destruction is called “intervention.”

The USA assists in the Yemen bloodbath. This too is an “intervention.” All Imperial aggression is an “intervention.” Even so-called anti-war people use this idiotic word “intervention.”

Innocent civilians killed by U.S. drone missiles are not murdered. The victims are “intervened.”

Matt Franko said...

John said...

Why isn't the U.S. on the list? The truth will set you free. John 8:32.

Everyone (except Matt, Louie Gohmert and possibly Glenn Beck) knows that the list is an enemies list, not a genuine terrorism list.

Iraq was taken off the list when it invaded Iran, but put back on the list when Saddam Hussein misunderstood the U.S. Ambassador's green light to grab a few oil fields as a green light and invade all of Kuwait.

Saudi Arabia isn't on the list, neither is Qatar, Kuwait, U.A.E, Bahrain and all of Washington's other Salafi jihadi friends.

No matter what the facts are, Matt believes whatever the GOPhers tells him. The more absurd the GOPher lie, the more Matt believes it, defends it and then screams about people being unqualified. It saves him having to use his brain.

'Murica, fuck yeah! John 8:32 (redacted).