Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nafeez Ahmed — This is how UN scientists are preparing for the end of capitalism

Energy economics — by physicists.

Hurry up with the cold fusion.


Ryan Harris said...

Scarcity philosophy...

Konrad said...

“Scarcity philosophy…” ~ Ryan Harris


Consider the byline… “As the era of cheap energy comes to an end, capitalist thinking is struggling to solve the huge problems facing humanity. So how do we respond?”

How about using that gigantic fusion reactor in the sky, which has been there for several billion years, and will be there for several billion more at no charge, and with no pollution? Why can’t we use that?

Many people refer to such notions as “naïve.”

I say they are addicted to scarcity thinking because they love to whine.

Noah Way said...

Most preppers are stockpiling ammunition.

Bob Roddis said...

What utter nonsense. Scarcity increases the need for honest pricing which is essential to prosperity. In fact, it is fiat funny money which destroys honest pricing and encourages the unsustainable mal-investment and over-investment that is leading to the burn-out. People buy houses and induce sprawl because houses are an inflation hedge. No fiat funny money, no inflation and no need for an inflation hedge. Why do people move farther and farther away from the cities? To get away from inner city government schools. It's the government that's involved in all of the endless wars. How can anyone attribute special wisdom to those mass murderers? Wake up.

Also note that fiat funny money has nothing to do with "capitalism".

Konrad said...

Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.

That's all you ever have to say in any of your comments. Please change the broken record disk.

Incidentally, people no longer "move farther and farther away from the cities." On the contrary, people are now converging on cities. It's called gentrification.

Hey, why not make blogging pay? You and Franko could form a professional singing duet...

Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.
Art major.
Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.
I'm a genius.

Bob Roddis said...

Konrad: Your demonstrated ignorance, side-stepping and inability to engage are always something to look forward to.

Magpie said...

@Bob Roddis

You are appealing to violence violence violence :-)


Two can play your Humpty Dumpty word games, Bob: I have the same right you have to re-define violence to mean whatever I wish it to mean. And I say you are being violent.

Andrew Anderson said...

How can fiat funny money be a problem when, except for mere physical fiat, i.e. bills and coins, the non-bank private sector may not even use fiat?

Andrew Anderson said...

Ah yes, spending by the monetary sovereign creates bank deposits as well as fiat. But the banks create bank deposits too which confounds the issue of what might be causing price inflation.

Andrew Anderson said...

Also, while nothing necessarily prevents inexpensive fiat, mainly in the form of account balances at the Central Bank, from replacing bank deposits, expensive fiat, e.g. a gold standard, would make that unfeasible since it would make gold too expensive for other uses, including wedding bands.

So to be pro-expensive fiat is to be pro-bank.

Konrad said...

@ Roddis:

You had hours to think of a witty repartee, and that was the best you could do? You're even more feeble than I had feared.

I only ask that you say something different once in a while. Once a year at least. Simply repeating a meaningless remark does not make it witty.

Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.
Fiat funny money.

Greg said...


That’s only mildly true if the scarcity is real and not contrived

Contrived scarcity is simply another form of dishonest pricing,to use your vernacular
The large majority of scarcity is contrived . Someone is choosing to limit supplies of something they control enough of to profit handsomely

There is very little of the things we need that is truly scarce.

Andrew Anderson said...

Scarcity increases the need for honest pricing which is essential to prosperity. Bob

There's nothing honest about needlessly expensive fiat any more than $700 government hammers.

If you want honest pricing, all citizens should be allowed inherently risk-free checking/debit accounts at the Central Bank itself and all other privileges for the banks responsibly abolished too. Then the demand for fiat will no longer be suppressed by limiting its use largely to the banks.

Or have you forgotten that it's supply AND demand that matter, not just supply?