Thursday, September 20, 2018

PCR - Strategies Have Unintended Consequences

Strategies Have Unintended Consequences
Since posting my remarks — — other comments on President Putin’s response to the loss of Russian lives have appeared. I am providing links to two of them as examples of the negative consequences for Putin:
Understand that I am not denigrating President Putin. I understand his strategy and consider his strategy to be moral and responsible. My concern is with the unintended consequences of his strategy.
Unintended consequences are a bane of mankind and must be considered and, hopefully, anticipated.


Tom Hickey said...

With due respect, PCR doesn't seem to know much about IR, geopolitics, geostrategy, military strategy, and the current world situation from that POV. He is out of his depth.

Konrad said...

"PCR is out of his depth."

If questioning Israeli evil and the Empire's evil means that one is "out of his depth," then this is a label I will gladly wear.

Paul Craig Roberts: “As Israel gets away with everything, including routine massacres of unarmed Palestinian women and children, there is no reason to expect Israel to change its behavior.”


PCR appreciates Putin’s desire to avoid nuclear war, but, ”Acceptance of provocations and insults leads to more provocations and insults…The avoidance of conflict guarantees the conflict, but a larger, more dangerous one.”

If Russia will not defend itself from repeated Israeli attacks, then Russia should leave Syria.

“What sense does it make for Russia, intent on liberating one province, to allow Israeli and French attacks on another Syrian province?”

On 7 Aug 2008, Georgia bombarded and invaded South Ossetia. Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili was supported by Washington, and especially by John McCain. Russia repelled the attack, because Georgia’s aggression was not led by Israelis.

This is a lesson for all nations. If you want to get away with raping and destroying other nations, then hire Israelis to do it for you. No one will question Israeli evil because….holocaust!™

“In my opinion, Russia’s inability to stand firm in the face of Western and Israeli aggression will be the principal cause of World War Three in which we will all die and the planet as well.”

Global catastrophe might be worth it if Israel is destroyed along with the rest of us.

Over at the Fort Russ blog, Padraig McGrath suggests that the purpose of these repeated Western and Israeli attacks is to erode Putin’s political legitimacy inside Russia, and thereby destabilize the Russian government.

McGrath may have a point.