Wednesday, September 26, 2018

PCR - Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?

I often wonder is this the way the world is, full of war and psychopaths? Has it always been like this? Human history is full of the most extreme cruelty, and the Old Testament is full of war and destruction too, often under God's instruction. What a place?

We are born the most sensitive creatures, able to feel much pain and sorrow, but also much joy and love too, but the armchair warriors ride all over that and can cause the most unbelievable suffering, while not caring much at all. It's business.

But maybe this isn't the way most of us are, we've just been primed up by a few psychopaths to believe it's the way of the world. When I go about my daily life I hardly ever meet a horrible person, and most people would be outraged if they knew the truth about what's going on. In fact, the psychopaths who rule over us use our desire for fairness and justice to get their wars going, and they do this by feeding us propaganda, telling us that this or that country or ruler is evil.  It works ever time. 

Does the Russian government not understand that the “terrorists” are Washington’s operatives? Washington pretends that some of these “terrorists” are “democratic rebels” opposing the alleged “Syrian dictatorship.” Washington pretends that others of its mercenaries are “terrorists,” whose presence is Washington’s justification for having US military forces in Syria illegally to “fight terrorism,” an excuse that has evaporated with Washington’s obvious and determined shielding of the remaining al Qaeda, al Nusra, and ISIS forces in Syria. The American neoconservatives, most of whom are Zionists tightly allied with Netanyahu, formulated a doctrine of US world hegemony. This ideological doctrine of “American exceptionalism” serves as a cloak to hide the fact that Washington is serving Israel’s interest in the Middle East.
These completely obvious, transparent facts are apparently over the head of Putin’s civilian advisors.


Matt Franko said...

“Washington’s obvious and determined shielding of the remaining al Qaeda, al Nusra, and ISIS forces in Syria.”


Quite Likely said...

It's too bad that Roberts embraces every possible pro-Russia, anti-US take, no matter how much of a conspiracy theory. It means people who trust him will be ignorant and people who wisely call bullshit on the more obviously wrong bits will miss out on the parts he's right about.