Sunday, September 30, 2018

Jimmy Dore - Ron Paul Tells Truth On Syria - Immediately Smeared

I watched a number of videos this morning but Jimmy Dore is again concise and to the point. Anyone anti-war is called a conspiracy theorist, says Jimmy Dore, and they are never interviewed on the MSM; the public just gets a pro war narrative.


Konrad said...

“Why won’t American corporate news media tell the truth about Syria? Because they are, and always have been, pro-war.” ~ Jimmy Dore

The American corporate news media has lied about every U.S. war since at least the U.S. Civil War (which was not about slavery).

Nonetheless, most Americans imagine that corporate media lies only began recently. Americans imagine that media lies about World War II, for example, are “true.” A book titled The Good War was a bestseller in 1984, and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for its lies.

Wars continue forever because we lie to ourselves and to each other forever. Will we ever stop lying? Never. When the Roman Empire made war on Carthage, the Romans invented numerous holocaust™ type fables, claiming that Carthaginians ate their children, and sacrificed their children to their gods, and mass-raped their children, and on and on. These holocaust™ type lies persist 2,200 years later.

We build monuments to our lies. We forbid people from questioning our lies. We shun people, shame people, attack people, and even imprison people for questioning our lies.

We knowingly lie, and we lie about our lying. For example, we know that the victors write the history books, and that the books are full of lies, yet we lie to ourselves that we are exceptions to the lies.

Lies are why wars continue. We are homo bullshittius: a species founded on lies.

"You are all liars and unqualified art majors. I alone am qualified. I alone speak the truth." ~ Franko

Calgacus said...

the U.S. Civil War (which was not about slavery).

Both sides said so at the time. But what did they know about what they were fighting for?
Maybe it was all about cheese.

Sure, question the idea that the Civil War was about slavery, or that the Nazis committed genocide and initiated the second World War. Of course laws against this are deplorable and incredibly stupid. But if you look at things seriously, you see the questions are a lot more questionable, supported by basically nothing, while the usual story, is after all, true. And the revisionist story is just fabricated bullshit.

Just sayin'.

Konrad said...

You have been well programmed, little one.
Now run along and play.
The adults have things to discuss.

Calgacus said...

But you haven't been programmed, Konrad?
I may be older than you, I think. But I am very immature for my age. :-)

I agree that there should be some occasional seriousness here at Mike Norman though, which is why I have written such comments. That one supports free speech for people who are not serious, who dogmatically make silly and prejudiced claims about the Civil War and WWII and 9 / 11 or whatever doesn't mean supporting their lack of seriousness, scholarship and common sense.

Konrad said...

I didn't say your claims were silly and prejudiced.
I said you have been well programmed with lies.
Self-serving, self-righteous, self-evidently false lies.