Friday, September 21, 2018

Tom Luongo — Trump Folds on Nordstream 2 Because … Logic

Since its first announcement I have been convinced the Nordstream 2 pipeline would be built. I have followed every twist of this story from my days writing for Newsmax.
And the reason for my confidence can be summed up in one word. Money. 
Nordstream 2 simply makes too much economic sense for any amount of political whining from the U.S. and Poland to stop it. Poland has no power within the European Union.
Germany does. And while I’m no fan of Angela Merkel getting another political weapon to hold over the heads of the Poles, their attempts to derail the project were always going to end in tears for them.
And so now Poland and the U.S. cried a lot of crocodile tears recently when President Trump finally acceded to reality and ended the threat of sanctioning five of the biggest oil majors in the world over doing business with Gazprom over Nordstream 2.
Nordstream 2’s investors are Uniper, OMV, Wintershall, Royal Dutch Shell and Eni. After all the permits were issued and construction begun the only thing that could stop Nordstream from happening was these five companies folding to U.S. pressure and backing out of the project by calling in their loans to Gazprom.
And when they were unwilling to do that, Trump had to fold because you can’t cut these companies out of the western banking system and starve them of dollars and euros without an extreme dislocation in oil prices and global trade.
Bluff called. Nordstream 2? Holding Aces.
Trump? Holding two-seven offsuit....
The whole post follows in this vein. Good read.

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Trump Folds on Nordstream 2 Because … Logic

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Kaivey said...

They will be able to cut the pipelines off in the Ukraine now, who cares? I bet the Ukrainians do!