Thursday, October 11, 2018

Links — 11 Oct 2018

The Coming Military Vision Of State Censorship

Consortium News
The Shaky Case That Russia Manipulated Social Media to Tip the 2016 Election
Gareth Porter

Dances with Bears

Fort Russ
De-dollarization of the Russian Economy: Myth or Uunavoidable Reality?
Paul Antonopoulos

Tom Luongo
Muli-Polar Political Project Pushed Forward by Putin In India

Intel Today
On This Day — Einstein Letter to FDR (October 11 1939)

Moon of Alabama
Khashoggi Burial Negotiations Commence - Saudis Will Cough Up Billions To Settle The Case

Russia Observer
Russian Federation Sitrep 11 October 2018

Zero Hedge
Ray Dalio Shifts To "Risk-Off Posture", Warns "War" With China Is Spreading
Ray Dalio

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