Sunday, February 24, 2019

David Roberts — This is an emergency, damn it


The GND proposal that is on the table doesn't scratch the surface of what needs to be done. Global resources must be reconfigured and deployed internationally to meet this emergent challenge. The scope and scale of a design solution is mind-boggling. Tweaking around the edges is simply a foolish delay.

The alternative is massive culling.

This is an emergency, damn it
David Roberts

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It is absolutely time to panic about climate change
Sean Illing

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Fintan Dunne said...

Hard to believe I'm reading unbalanced climate BS on this site.

I'll see you guys around.

Konrad said...

Please define "unbalanced climate."

Other than that, it’s a shame that people who warn about climate change tend to be (with some exceptions) leftists who mix their climate change warnings with political correctness, plus militant feminism, and general attacks on straight white males. This causes right-wing idiots (like the one that commented above) to dismiss climate change as a “liberal hoax,” even though oil companies and the U.S. military fully acknowledge the realty of climate change.

It’s just like Social Justice Warriors mixing their “wokeness” with calls for socialism. This makes right-wing morons (like the one above) condemn them as “communists.” Social Justice Warrior lunacy makes conservatives cling to the neoliberalism that keeps them enslaved.

Left wing idiots and right wing morons create and sustain each other. They are ying and yang, each calling the other “Nazis.”

If Social Justice Warriors started calling climate change warnings "hate speech” then right-wingers and Trump-bots would insist that climate change is real.

If Jews started calling climate change denial a form of “holocaust denial,” then right wing fools (like the one above) would instantly grovel to their beloved Jews, and beg the Jews for forgiveness.

Right-wingers are fond of telling leftists that “facts don’t care about your feelings.” True enough, but facts don’t care about right-wingers’ feelings either. Nature doesn’t blog, Tweet, or debate. When drought and famine start eliminating hundreds of millions of people, right-wingers will perish along with everyone else.

Noah Way said...

Yo, Fintan - don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Fintan Dunne is a hardcore anti-science climate denier. There is a good thread here that puts her in her place.

Bonus material: Egmont and Roddis "debate".

Konrad said...

Some people say that climate change is a scam to extract carbon taxes out of the masses. Therefore climate change doesn’t exist.

Their logic goes like this…

[1] Carbon taxes based on climate change are a scam.
[2] Therefore climate change itself is a scam, and does not exist.

In the case of France, Macron’s gasoline tax was indeed a scam, because it had nothing to do with climate change. All the revenue would have gone to pay the bankers who lend to France. However this does not prove that climate change does not exist.

Most people are lazy and illogical. Some say that nature and man cause climate change together, and it’s not that bad. Some say that man has nothing to do with it. Some say that climate change does not exist at all.

Rather than logically reason their way through all this conflicting chatter, many people dismiss the whole thing as b.s., and smugly congratulate themselves on their “brilliance.”

As for Roddis and Egmont "debating," that's like two drunken schizophrenics incoherently babbling at each other with a soundproof wall between them.

Bob Roddis said...

Fiat money creation funds and induces urban and suburban sprawl along with massive and unsustainable overbuilding. Socialist countries like the USSR and China naturally resulted in Ecocide.