Thursday, February 21, 2019

Venezuela: US/Canadian Attempted Coup Not About Democracy - Paul Jay (Pt1/2)

The problem with Venezuela was that Hugo Chavez wasn't socialist enough, says Paul Jay, and so he didn't come down hard enough on the elite, whose power structure he left largely in place.

He says how Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro are described as in the West as brutal dictators, but MBS is just described as the Crown Prince, although he ordered the death of an American citizen, as well as arrest many members of his family, murdered others, and some were tortured to death.

When Hugo Chavez was released after a coup attempt, he made no attempt to capture and put on trail his kidnappers. PCR says this was his biggest mistake, because now they have come back to destroy Maduro's government. He says they should have been put on trail for treason.

Corporate media hides that the crisis in Venezuela is a class struggle, and whatever its faults, the Bolivarian revolution is a struggle for equality and democracy - Paul Jay joins host Jacqueline Luqman

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Konrad said...

Today (21 Feb 2019) Maduro completely closed Venezuela’s borders with Brazil to stop the flow of arms (i.e. “humanitarian aid”) that are being flown down from Miami Florida by the US military.

If arms start coming in from Colombia, then Maduro will close that border too.

The USA is also stockpiling arms on Curacao, a Dutch island off Venezuela's north coast. Maduro has closed the sea and air border with Curacao.

Juan Guaido is leading a caravan from Caracas to the Colombian border, a distance of about 800-900km (500-560 miles).

When Guaido reaches the Colombian border, he will point to it while telling the TV cameras, “There sit millions of tons of humanitarian aid that Maduro will not allow to reach you because Maduro is a socialist dictator who wants to starve his own people.”

And 99.9% of Americans will believe it.

And they wonder why they are impoverished and enslaved.

Meanwhile 300 tons of real aid will soon arrive from Russia.

Tomorrow (22 Feb) British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson will sponsor a concert in Colombia to raise money for the regime change campaign.

Not to be outdone, the Venezuelan government has erected a stage on its side of the crossing which is just 300 meters away. It will host a huge concert called “Hands off Venezuela.”

Brazil’s right-wing president Bolsonaro has announced cuts of 1 trillion reais (£210bn; $270bn) from Brazil’s pension system. The victims will be in Brazil's lower classes. Bolsonaro says there is “no money” for pensions, even though the Brazilian government can create infinite reais out of thin air.

The next step will be to privatize Brazil’s pension system, which Bolsonaro says is his top priority. This is being done on orders from Economics Minister Palo Guedes, who privatized Chile’s pension system for the US puppet dictator Pinochet.