Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Russia at fault again? Merkel blames ‘third party’ for worldwide climate change protests

Young people around the world are going on marches demanding action on climate change, but Russia gets the blame for it.

Talking almost in one breath about Russia, “hybrid warfare” and widespread environmental protests among schoolchildren across Europe is not bizarre paranoia, but a deliberate tactic, RT has been told.


Konrad said...

Big Pharma is trying out the “Russia did it” trick to condemn people as “Russian agents” if they question Big Pharma’s lies about ultra-toxic vaccines.

Do you think you should have a say about what goes into your body? Then you are a “Russian agent.” If you read extensive medical literature about drugs and vaccines (like I do), then you are reading “Russian propaganda.”

Therefore we must make vaccines mandatory nationwide in order to “fight Russia” (and to boost Big Pharma’s profits).

Never read medical literature about drugs. Remember: a customer cured is a customer lost.

Konrad said...


Q. What do you do when one “hate crime” after another is exposed as a hoax?

A. You grab a straight white male, label him a “white nationalist,” and claim that you foiled his plot to KILL EVERY LAST PERSON ON EARTH!

(The peasants didn’t believe the Jussie Smollett hoax. Maybe they’ll believe this global apocalyptic super-villain hoax. If they don’t, they are evil.)