Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Paul Ebeling — Owning Gold Make a Lot of Sense in Here

If Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) were implemented, foreign exchange markets would have their say about it, that is if we still had floating exchange rates.
FACT: No matter how much money the Fed prints, or what they do with their balance sheet, you cannot spend more money than you make.
You can make up a shortfall with debt, but after a while, creditors will have had it with you.
Governments have always found the temptation to borrow, overspend, and tamper with the value of their currency.
 So, savvy investors take protective measures
The way you protect yourself from plans to demolish every house and kill all the cows is is with Gold, miners and other hard assets.
Got that? 😂

Bond vigilantes, again.

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Owning Gold Make a Lot of Sense in Here
Paul Ebeling

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Mike Norman said...

The gov't will spend a net, $5 trillion this year--a record. And the deficit will approach $1 trillion, the highest level in 9 years and gold is barely moving. Meanwhile the dollar is strong, so what's he talking about?