Wednesday, February 20, 2019

TRNN - Venezuela: The Epicenter of the "Pink Tide" and Now of the Right-Wing Rollback

This goes very well with the BadMouseProductions video.

The professor of sociology, William I. Robinson, explains how the Latin America Pink Tide revolution went wrong when they relied too much on their resources for income while using Western corporations for their extraction. William I. Robinson says they should have diversified and nationalised their financial and banking sectors. To be fair to the socialists, though, I think they didn't want to upset Western interests too much as this could have brought on disaster for them.

Trump says he's going to stamp out socialism in the Americas and bring in 'freedom'. But what he is really scared of is the U.S. itself becoming socialist as millions of Americans are being disenfranchised by capitalism.

The effort to rollback Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution must be seen as part of a determined effort to pry open all economies to transnational capital - it's about access, says sociologist of globalization William I. Robinson


Konrad said...


Today in a store I heard a song titled “Hard to Say I'm Sorry” by the group Chicago. I’ve always hated that song, and the radio stations played it to death when it came out in 1982. It was a #1 hit in all English-speaking nations.

I don’t like the melody or arrangement, and especially its lyrics.

Some excerpts…

Everybody needs a little time away
I heard her say
From each other
Even lovers need a holiday
Far away
From each other

Hold me now
It's hard for me to say I'm sorry
I just want you to stay
After all that we've been through
I will make it up to you
I promise to
And after all that's been said and done
You're just the part of me I can't let go

Couldn't stand to be kept away
Just for the day
From your body

That’s enough. What I hate about the lyrics is that the male singer does the one thing a man must never do with a woman, which is to grovel, beg, and apologize for being male. This drives women away faster than anything. Once you start down that path, a woman will increasingly insult you out of disgust, and out of a subconscious desire for you to put her in her place.

When you first meet a woman and you start to form a relationship, the very first time she insults you, you must tell her you don’t appreciate that, and it will be game over if she ever does it again, even once.

All males need to admit to themselves and each other that the biological hunger for pu*sy is incredibly powerful, and it causes many men to be ruined and imprisoned. Sexual frustration makes many men murderous and suicidal, since they can’t talk about their frustration, as society has nothing but contempt for them. Worst of all are males who pretend to be free of sexual frustration by attacking “incels” who suffer from it. This makes “incels” feel even worse, when in fact 80% (at least) of all young males in the West experience sexual frustration. Today it’s worse than ever, since women have all the power. And it serves the oligarchs, since it cripples young peasant males, especially whites.

God I hate that song.

When I heard it today in that store, I instantly walked outside.

Konrad said...


Corporate media outlets constantly attack Trump as a “homophobe,” even as Trump is preparing a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality. Trump will start with Iran, thereby risking World War III over anal sex.

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell (who is openly gay) is furiously anti-Iran, and has gathered LGBT activists from throughout Europe to coordinate an attack against Iran for disapproving of sodomy.

Meanwhile Grenell is okay with U.S. allies imposing the death penalty against homosexuals (e.g. Saudi Arabia). In fact, 72 nations still criminalize homosexuality, including eight where it’s punishable by death. Most are US allies.

Trump’s pro-sodomy campaign will complicate US efforts against Venezuela, since the USA is relying on the support of Brazilian president Balsonaro, who was specifically elected on an anti-gay platform.

Evidently the plan is to shame European nations who don’t want to dump the Iran Deal.

Since Europeans consider themselves to be morally superior to all other people on earth, Trump will tell them, “If you don’t join me against Iran, you are all homophobes!”

If they don't join in attacking Iran, they will create more "homophobic attacks" like the confirmed hoax by black-Jewish actor Jussie Smollett.

This approach might work, since – for most people – the only thing more dreadful than being called a “homo-phobe” is being called an “anti-Semite.” (Orthodox Jews do not allow homosexuality or transgenderism.)

Kaivey said...

It was illegal in Britain not all that long ago. Iran was once going liberal until we stepped in.

GLH said...

"black-Jewish actor Jussie Smollett. " Thanks for letting me know that. When I first heard of the attack I suspected it to be BS and I told my wife that Smollett was probably paid off by George Soros. Since he was black I never even thought that he was Jewish.

Konrad said...

"I told my wife that Smollett was probably paid off by George Soros."

The rumor is that Smollett cooked up the hoax in a bid for fame, because Fox was about to greatly reduce his role on the show Empire.

Fox categorically denied this...and then greatly reduced Smollett's role on the show Empire.

In Chicago, filing a false police report is a felony. If Smollett is indicted (as appears increasingly likely) he will be written out of the show altogether.

"Hate crime" hoaxes usually work, but not always. In order to make your hoax succeed, it's best to think BIG. Don't just claim that you were attacked. Claim that six million Jews were gassed. Claim that Arabs with box cutters did 9-11. Claim that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (34 sailors murdered, 174 wounded) was a "mistake." Claim that Venezuela crawls with "Hezbollah terrorists," that the Russians installed Trump, and that the AIPAC lobby is not a lobby.

The one exception is if you are a female, in which case you can destroy men by accusing them of rape, with no proof, evidence, witnesses, or anything else. Even if your hoax is exposed, you will get no more punishment than an amused chuckle from society.

Konrad said...

Smollett could try fleeing to Israel, but this probably won’t work.

American blacks who convert to Judaism often go their Israeli “homeland,” only to be barred from entry because they are black.

Israelis (especially Ashkenazis) are the most racist people on earth. Always have been.

Kaivey said...

You won't like this then, Konrad.

Clifford T. Ward - Gaye 1973

Kaivey said...

This is lovely, but the words might make you cringe. These sings are definitely a product of their time.


Clifford T Ward ... Wherewithal

Konrad said...

I would have ignored that Chicago song if radio stations had not played it to death. And I only mentioned it today because I heard it in a store today.

I listened to the songs you referenced. I like them. Lyrics are only one part of song. Clifford T. Ward had some nice melodies and arrangements. I have no problem with him, despite the lyrics.

KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Please Don't Go” (1979) has a nice melody.

That said, I do think that men should be very careful with their emotions. They must monitor themselves constantly. If they start to fear losing the woman, she will be gone. If a man allows a woman to abuse and insult him, the woman will get worse and worse until the man finally snaps, at which point he will be hauled to prison.

Most women have no sense of morality. Their priority is the kids. You don’t count. Women think nothing of drugging their husbands, tying them up, hacking off their penis, and throwing it into a garbage disposal. (Literally.) One Chinese woman cut off her husband’s penis. After the husband had it surgically re-attached, the woman snuck into the hospital where he was recovering, and she cut it off again, and this time threw it to a pack of dogs (literally).

In the UK a woman can go after her ex-husband’s pension even if the two were divorced 20 years ago.

We must face these realities, and not pretend they do not exist. Otherwise we will regret our stupidity. There’s no need to hate women. We just need to monitor ourselves, and be ready when she fu*ks up, as she inevitably will.

Kaivey said...

That KC and the Sunshine Band song is excellent.

I don't think the words to Gaye are what a guy would say to a woman, but they are what a person might feel on the inside - male or female. No one would beg like that, and the same for the KC song.

And although sad, the songs do bring joy, that new romance can one day blossom again.