Saturday, February 23, 2019

Macron to criminalize anti-Zionism, sparking outrage

The mask drops!

French President Emmanuel Macron says he will seek to criminalize anti-Zionism. The announcement has already provoked intense opposition, and the controversy appears certain to take some of the focus away from the anti-government Yellow Vest movement.


Ralph Musgrave said...

The final proof that Macron is barmy. Zionism is a POLITICAL creed. There cannot possibly be anything wrong with opposing a political creed or movement.

In contrast, anti-semitism is more dodgy: that's opposition to a RACE.

Kaivey said...

Right on, Ralph!

Konrad said...

Anti-Zionism is already is criminalized throughout the West, since questioning Israeli atrocities will get you fired from your job, or from your political office. Simply calling a Jewish lobby a lobby will get you in severe trouble. In many European countries, questioning the holo-hoax™ will get you five years in prison.

In seeking to crush the yellow vest protesters, the “Russian plot” nonsense didn’t work out, so Macron is now begging his Jewish masters for help.

To his credit, Macron will not amend French laws, but will instead instruct police and gendarmerie forces to crush any yellow vest protester who publicly acknowledges Jewish evil, or who publicly supports BDS against the Israeli parasite.

I say to Macron’s credit, since the protesters are motivated by sheer survival. Macron knows that if he changed the laws, it would backfire on him. As the peasants starve, they would become angrier than ever for being formally criminalized as “anti-Semites” simply for being hungry.

Macron announced the measure on Wed, 20 Feb at a speech given to his masters at CRIF. This is a Jewish supremacist lobby (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions) that is equivalent to AIPAC in the USA.

(The UK has no umbrella lobby over the myriad Jewish lobbies, since UK is already 100% Anglo-Judaic.)

Ironically the Jewish golem is now turning against the Jews, as the golem always does. That is, Jews have long pushed for the admittance of limitless immigrants, but those same immigrants do not bow to Jewish evil.

Therefore Jews must walk a tightrope between [1] admitting immigrants in order to break up white Goy solidarity, and [2] not admitting so many immigrants that they reduce Jewish control of society.

Macron has spent months criticizing “Islamophobia” among whites, but in his speech to the CRIF supremacists, Macron characterized Muslims as disease. He spoke of Islamic “gangrene” in French neighborhoods (or quartiers). He called for a “republican reconquest” (i.e. ethnic cleansing) of these neighborhoods.

None of this will work, since the yellow vests are not motivated by ideology or self-righteous bullshit.

They are motivated by hunger and desperation. And they will keep getting stronger as their hunger and desperation keeps getting worse.

Konrad said...

Kamala Harris wants to give trillions of dollars to blacks as slavery reparations.

Aside from the issue of “ZIMBABWE!” and “HOW WILL YOU PAY FOR IT?” there is also the question of whether Kamala will give these trillions to blacks, or give them directly to Jews, who will get the money in any case.

South of Egypt, in what is today Sudan, the Kingdom of Kush was Nubian (i.e. Black African).

In 744 BC they invaded Egypt, and for the next 88 years the blacks ruled as Pharaohs. This was the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt, also known as the Nubian Dynasty. (See Wikipedia.)

Since Hollywood has taught us that Jews were slaves of Egypt for thirty centuries (3,100 B C – 30 BC) and that Jews built all the pyramids, temples, cities and monuments in Egypt, it is BLACKS who owe slavery reparations to JEWS.

This is only just.

Anyone who disagrees is “anti-Semitic.”

Therefore, pay up Kamala.

GLH said...

"Kamala Harris wants to give trillions of dollars to blacks as slavery reparations."
Such a strategy may backfire on her backers since someday people might think that the Israelis should repay the Palestinians.