Sunday, February 24, 2019

Pepe Escobar — Memo from Moscow

What Putin meant in his address about Russia targeting “centers for decision-making” was fundamentally related to NATO, not the American mainland.
Russian state media today contradicts this. See SouthFront and Sputnik International. Russia will target CONUS, military terminology for continental US. A list of provided.

Good analysis otherwise. Short.

Asia Times
Pepe Escobar: Memo from Moscow
Pepe Escobar

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Konrad said...

Why populism?

“While Western unemployment is low, the quality of employment is often poor, and/or insecurity is pervasive - (“Will my job/industry be around in five years?”). That matters hugely. At the same time, Western median real wages have stagnated for years, and in the case of US men, for decades.”

Yes. To cite one example, which I’ll choose at random, in 2010 the median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles was $1,275.

By 2017 the median had increased 84% to $2,350, and it continues to rise.

During the same period, median household income increased only 11% (from $49,138 in 2010 to 54,501 in 2017).

84% vs 11%. The result is mass homelessness. No one believes how bad homelessness is in Los Angeles until he sees it personally.

In addition to the endless tents on sidewalks, there are the ever-expanding “invisible homeless” who live out of their cars. These people are employed, but they cannot afford to pay Los Angeles rents. Nor do they have any money to move out of California.

Homeless people are starting to form groups whose members include blacks, whites, citizens, illegals, straights, gays, young, old, males, females – all calling for rent control and bank regulation. None have the luxury of being “offended” or “woke,” or politically correct. None have the luxury of screaming about racism or “male privilege.” All such trash is for pampered morons.

Populism arises when people become genuinely desperate. The yellow vests in France is a populist movement. Calling them “anti-Semites” will not stop them. Jews only rule when the masses are not hungry. Right-wingers only scream “communism” when they are not desperate. Liberals only scream “toxic masculinity!” when they are not cold.

Populists are increasing in number, although you would never believe that if you get all your information from the corporate media outlets. As people are crushed by poverty, they cease thinking in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., and start thinking in terms of socioeconomic class. The yellow vests aren’t protesting immigrants; they’re protesting the rich and their puppet politicians.

“Rabobank now sees a 69% chance of a US recession in 2020, while Europe may already close to technical recession.”

Nations like France and Greece are already in permanent recession. Nothing “technical” about it.

“Furthermore, the IMF warns of a looming global economic storm for which we are unprepared.”

Yes, because neoliberals are viruses. They cannot control themselves. They have created a world in which consumers don’t have the money to consume anything.

Konrad said...

America: ‘Indispensable Nation’ No More

The “indispensable nation” trash is a product of what I call mass Judification. Just as Israel regards itself as “God’s chosen nation” and superior to all other nations, so does the USA. Therefore the reason why Jews control so much of America is that so many Americans are Judaic in attitude and beliefs. One buffoon who often comments here in this blog is even fond of quoting the Jewish Old Testament.

The game is temporary. The USA is doomed by its own greed, arrogance, and stupidity. When the USA falls, so will its beloved parasite, Israel. All those houses that Jews built on Palestinian land will become occupied by Palestinians.

I see Madeleine price-was-worth-it Albright in the article. She’s 82. Some people are so evil that even Satan doesn’t want them around. Margaret Thatcher had to wait until she was 88 before Satan let her come home to hell. Henry Kissinger is 95 and still waiting. Elliot Abrams will probably reach 200 before Satan lets him come home. John Bolton may have to wait forever. At age 500, with his flesh long since having rotted away, Bolton will still be calling for new wars and more regime change.