Sunday, February 24, 2019

Understanding U.S. War Propaganda against Syria, Russia...... - Jason Hirthler

It's good to see Philip Geraldi sitting on the panel.

Jason Hirthler, investigative journalist & author of The Sins of Empire: Unmasking American Imperialism
What are the goals of US "regime change" in Syria? How does the U.S media narrative affect the crisis, and relate to U.S interventionism in the Middle East? What can we learn from the Western coverage of the recent chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, the role of the White Helmets, and other questionable aspects of the narrative? What are U.S/NATO/Israeli/Turkey/Saudi/Qatari motivations in Syria?


Konrad said...

What are the goals of US "regime change" in Syria?

[1] To weaken the Russia-Syria-Iran alliance.

[2] To steal a third of Syria (the part that has the oil) in order to create a new country called Rojava, which will be staunchly allied with the USA and Israel.

[3] To keep creating refugees that migrate to Europe, thereby driving down workers’ wages, while keeping European workers bickering, so they don’t unite against their rich owners.

Konrad said...

Florida Senator Marco Rubio today posted a tweet of Moammar Gadhafi being lynched, indicating that this is what the USA will soon do to Maduro.

For Rubio, the USA is preparing to “help” Venezuela the way it "helped" Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Such destruction is called “restoring democracy” and “protecting human rights.”

Incidentally, Twitter is a liberal organization, and is fine with war and imperialism. We know this because Twitter allows Rubio to make death threats . . .

Konrad said...

Speaking of lizard people, I know nothing about David Icke, except that he says something about lizard people, and Jews hate him. I’ve never read any of Mr. Icke’s writings, or listened to his talks. Icke seems to believe we are ruled by things that eat and rape us. Jews say that Icke is talking about Jews, but they cannot prove this. Icke denies it.

Mr. Icke was scheduled to give speeches in five Australian cities, but on 20 Feb 2019 the Jews that rule Australia revoked Icke’s visa, and barred him from entering Australia. Icke has visited Australia ten times since 1997, but this is the first time the Jews have banned him.

Jews call Mr. Icke a holo-hoax denier.

Mr. Icke says he has never denied the hoax.

Kaivey said...

David Icke is a bit crazy, and I never bother with him either. There's plenty of much better sources to bet information from.

Konrad said...


On Sunday 24 Feb, Sen. Marco Rubio Tweeted his threat to sodomize Maduro with a bayonet, as was done to Moammar Gadhafi.

By the following day (Monday) the image had been removed.

I suspect that Washington leaned on Rubio because his threat backfired when the Tweet was broadcast across Venezuela.

Konrad said...

No, Rubio’s image is still there, but to see it, you must click the “view” button at upper right.

Rubio calls himself a “follower of Christ” (his own words).

This is why I have no time for Christians. They’re too full of hate and hostility.

Kaivey said...

The British went to church and were taught to love thy neighbour, and turn the other cheek, and to forgive your enemies, and then they left church and went to war.

Calgacus said...

Kaivey:The British went to church and were taught to love thy neighbour, and turn the other cheek.

Once watched a very popular US TV preacher - a nice old smiling bespectacled grandfatherly type - explain that passage. You have to give him A+ for creativity and knowing his flock:

Think about what thou might do if somebody smote thee on thy cheek, say thy right one.
Thou might turn around and wind up thy right arm to give thy neighbour a really hard one on his.
What are thou doing as thou dost this?
Why thou're turning the other cheek!

So Jesus is saying sock it to him right back, but really good!

Kaivey said...

Yeah, hypocrites. When I first came across Christianity when I was a boy, it looked good. The Sunday school teachers put a lot of emphasis on the forgiveness and compassionate side of Christianity. But since then I've been very disappointed. It hasn't lived up to expectations. Christianity should have embraced socialism, for one thing.